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Get your print on for £8


It’s that awkward time of year when you can’t decide whether you should be sporting a pair of shorts or digging out your trusty parka. There is nothing worse than forking out on a brand new outfit to find that the weather has decided to take a turn.

What you need is a trend that is good value, easy to wear and will make you look fantastic no matter what the weatherman brings.

All hail the printed trouser, perfect for the day, evening and any occasion in between. And for a slice of the price, it’s set to be the pride of your wardrobe this season.

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"You said...
I love how versatile they are! I wear mine everywhere, even if I’m just at home.
- Emily Swalwell, JNR Creative Manager,"
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"You said...
They’re great for wearing on a night out with a crop top or a cami.
- Natalie North, Copywriter,"






  • Find a pattern that reflects your personality to give you that extra confidence boost.
  • Have a go at matching your accessories to the trouser print to bring the look together.
  • If you want to tone down the impact of the print, try layering with a blazer or a scarf.
  • Heels will give your printed pair an instant evening update.
  • Don’t be afraid to be more daring and style with a top in a clashing colour.