Maternity Must-Haves For Mums-To-Be

Being pregnant is one of the most natural and stylish things about new mums-to-be. It’s exciting watching your body change during the 9 months, but it also means it’s time to update your wardrobe. It can be fun looking for cute maternity dresses and following celebrity mums pregnancy styles. However, for most mums, maternity clothes are all about finding something that is comfortable which will offer support for everyday wear.
Life & Style ask mummy bloggers for their fashion rules and maternity clothes that has got them through pregnancy, as well as showing off their bump in style.


Maternity Tops It Offmaternity tops 2

Stock up on belly-friendly basic tops that you can slip on easily and alternate with your stretchy trousers. Comfort is all you want when you open up your wardrobe first thing in the morning, so it’s necessary to find a fit and style that you feel happy with.

Maternity tops
are perfect for growing bumps that will see you through your pregnancy and after the post-baby bulge. If you want something a bit dressier for an occasion, show off your bump in a maternity wrap blouse that will look extra stylish for day to evening outfits.



maternity jeans

Maternity Over Bump Skinny Jeans

Maternity Jeans

You can still look and feel great in maternity jeans by mixing and matching your wardrobe with different colours and styles such as maternity black trousers, blues and greys. They will become your go-to as they practically go with everything and are a staple that you can dress up or down effortlessly.

Whether you need a pair of smart trousers for work, you can find formal maternity work trousers at George. With an elasticated under the bump fit, they’re designed to offer comfort and expand as your bump grows.

Many mums may just prefer maternity leggings. Add a touch of personality and wear it with one of your colourful maternity tops.


Dress Up Your Bumpmaternity dress

Sometimes it’s easier to slip on a dress and you’re good to go. Maternity dresses allow mums-to-be look and feel their absolute best without having to compromise on looking stylish.

Choose a cute maternity floral print dress that can be worn throughout the summer and layered up in the winter with comfortable boots for extra warmth.



maternity bra

Comfort Bra


Maternity Bra – All Day Support

Who said your daily maternity underwear has to be all about looking sexy. It’s important for mums-to-be to feel comfy and let the baby bump do all the charming. Choose super soft and stretchy maternity knickers so that it will sit over your bump, giving you enough space to move around freely and slip on your maternity jeans and top for a cute round silhouette.

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is the change in breast size. When this happens you won’t want to put on your pretty laced bras. To give you a smooth silhouette with your changing body shape, a maternity comfort bra will give you a natural lift and comfort all day long.



At George you can find gorgeous maternity clothes that are comfortable from every day tops to evening wear that can be adapted to fit your maternity wardrobe. For all our glowing mummies to be, remember you’re dressing for two now so don’t forget to style your bump!