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Style Steals – Men’s Athletic Streetwear

Reporting from the training ground we’re having a look at the athletic streetwear that is on trend this season. In recent years the tide has turned with athletic gear going from street nightmare to street chic, society has caught up. Sportswear has been fashionable for quite a while now and looks unlikely to be leaving any time soon.

We love that in 2017 a tracksuit would be just as welcome at London Fashion week as it is on a football pitch. Join Life and Style as we look into the trend.

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When it comes to fashion for men here are a few of the items you want to embrace as part of the trend. We are looking at items that offer style and relaxation in equal measure, to give a uniquely effortless look. Perhaps you could call it casual chic, for the gentleman who considers athletic and streetwear the same thing.


Hoodies and Sweatshirts

For those of us who love wearing sweatshirts and hoodies around the house or on those lazy days, good news! This casual retro fashion trend is back and better than ever.

What’s better than wearing your softest, nicest clothes at home and then stepping out in the very same attire? If you’ve been rocking hoodies at home forever, then you can count yourself as an early adopter of a hot fashion trend.

These days sportswear doesn’t need to be confined to the gym, proudly rock it on the streets for something different.

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With the comeback of the 1990’s retro look, streetwear is all about making a statement,  don’t be afraid to go bold with the colour choices. Streetwear is inspired by subcultures ranging from punk rockers to rappers, people who don’t shy from grabbing attention. You have license to wear the brand logos loud and proud.


Tracksuit Bottoms

Street style is about finding comfort in your style, and nothing says comfort more than joggers. Now, this is a bit of a controversial one because there are people who adamantly believe that tracksuit bottoms should never be worn outdoors.

What makes joggers so versatile is that once you’ve worn them on your journeys, you can transition straight into home lounge-mode.

umbro tracksuit

Having said this, jogging bottoms are best worn with similarly casual tops such as a baggy t-shirt; it would be jarring to see a tailored shirt tucked into an elasticated waistband.



Every streetwear look depends on a strong shoe game, it’s hard to go wrong with a solid pair of trainers or pumps. Comfortable flats are the way to add a casual touch to your outfit, this season there is a move towards brighter colours for making a statement.

Keep them clean to maintain that box-fresh look. This is easier said than done, especially for white trainers, where the smallest scuff can ruin their pristine white.


umbro white shoes

A couple of quick tips for keeping your white shoes, white:

  • Grab an old toothbrush to scrub away the small imperfections and use baby wipes for the larger areas.
    • If this doesn’t work, resort to white shoe cleaning products
  • When the laces have taken a battering and are closer to grey than white, simply put them into your next white wash.

Unlike hoodies and tracksuits, trainers have been safe for casual occasions for some time now. Breaking these fashion codes from yesteryear has seen a sharp rise in suits and sneakers. While risky it can be done if your trainers are of a complementary colour to the rest of your outfit. Be bold and break the formalwear rules.

Even in ultra-formal occasions you can rock the suit and trainers combo. Exhibit A: Idris Elba. Observe how the tone of his trainers match his suit to complete a strong look.


With this guide, look to athletic attire for your fashion needs this summer. Be sure to check out George’s Umbro shop for a great selection of gear that will see you through the warm weather.