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Summer Hot & Cool Looks for Men

When it comes to dressing for summer, you are looking for two things: cool and comfort. Key requirements for looking and feeling good during those hot months. With our list you’ll find ideas for stepping out looking your best for the season.


Nothing says summer like getting the pins out for the slightest hint a sunshine. Fortunately many workplaces allow shorts in the office, if not you may take inspiration from schoolchildren across the country.

There’s nothing like the freedom and breeze of wearing shorts on a hot day. Whether you’re planning on jetting to faraway lands or just strolling around the garden – perfect.

There are plenty options when it comes to selecting your shorts, firstly, the athletic option to project a more relaxed style and feel comfier. When joining the more casual summer activities, think of shorts as your handy companion to accompany you to beer gardens and the park.

Then we have a smarter choice in chino shorts, it always pays to invest in sturdy attire that will suit various occasions. Whether it be for BBQ or holiday these are the clothes that won’t be going out of style for ages.

Getting a reliable pair of shorts will carry you through the summer, there’s nothing like getting out the house in weather that’s warm enough to justify shorts.




On the subject of shorts, the first step of preparing for any holiday is to get yourself some fashionable swimwear for poolside relaxation. Dive into the deep end with a pair of swim shorts.

Compared to women’s swimwear, with its seemingly infinite options for the beach, men’s swimwear is much less complex. Broadly speaking you have two choices, classic swim shorts or the boldest of bold, the speedo. We wouldn’t recommend wearing speedos unless you are feeling suitably courageous.

In the realms of more socially acceptable swimwear, swim shorts are perfect for showcasing your personality. The type of shorts you wear will say a lot about who you are. On holiday, swim shorts show their versatility when they can move from the wave to the rave.

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Sunglasses often fulfil a less practical function than intended and are regarded as a fashion item first and sun protection second. Ensure any pair you purchase offer 100% UV protection to best shield your eyes from the damaging effects of the Sun’s Ultraviolet Light (UV).

Add to your collection of accessories and enhance your look with a stylish look provided by some shades. It’s impossible not to look cool and aloof while shielding yourself from the sun’s rays. Who doesn’t love it when fashion meets safety?

The right pair of shades can make you look cooler and there are iconic styles out like aviators and round frames. You can’t go wrong with these trends, timeless styles.


Dress for summer with our guide of the styles that will serve you well through the warm months.