Motivation To Keep You Active For 12 Months

There’s no better (or more popular) resolution than one to live a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, the ‘new year, new you’ resolve can quickly fall by the wayside – but this year we’re with you every step of the way.

Get started now with these simple first steps:

Mix And Match

Many people march directly to the nearest gym in January, sign up for the year and expect that to be enough to motivate them to stick to their plan to get fit.

A fair few of those people are bored of their new second home by March, and are then lumbered with an expensive gym membership that they’re loathe to use.

Remember that there are loads of ways to exercise, many of which don’t need you to even step foot in a gym.


Outdoor exercise is known to have extra mood-lifting benefits, and you can go for a run anytime, anywhere – just pull on those trainers and go. Or maybe you’d prefer to have an instructor to motivate you? In that case, classes could keep you going.

Try as many different types of exercise as you can this month, to find what suits you best. Hula hooping, here we come!

Find A Buddy

An exercise buddy can increase your chances of sticking to any get-fit plan, and the good news is that, in January, you shouldn’t be short of people to choose from.

Add another person to the mix and you open up a whole new world of exercise too, since many leisure centres and gyms offer social games like badminton and squash.

If the thought of getting fit in a pair feels like too much pressure, consider joining a running or boxing club. When you know that others are expecting you to turn up each week it’s much harder to duck out of training sessions. No matter how much you want to stay home with your feet up in-front of the TV!

But if you really do prefer to go solo when it comes to sport, then a virtual buddy can be just as motivating as an actual one. There are endless fitness and running apps available, which will chart your progress and help you set goals.

Kit Yourself Out

Ill-fitting old trainers and a leggings and t-shirt combo won’t do much for your confidence or comfort levels, while proper sportswear will have you looking and feeling good from day one. Not to mention the fact that well-made sports clothing simply lasts longer after washes.

gym image 3

Luckily, decent sportswear doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. At George, we’ve got a fantastic range of fitness clothing and trainers, all at our usual great-value prices.

Consider what type of exercise you want to do. If you’re planning on hitting the pool three times a week then that’s easy – a decent swimsuit and good goggles are all you need. (Well, maybe a cap and pool sliders too…). For other forms of exercise, a sports bra should be your first buy.

We’ve got a wide range of kit to suit every activity, from waterproof jackets to keep you dry while you run, to comfy soft joggers for classes like yoga or dance. We especially love our fun, patterned tops, leggings and trainers, because who says you can’t look stylish while doing sport?

Set Those Goals

Once you’ve decided what forms of exercise will make up your fitness plan, now’s the time to get those goals set in stone.

Smaller, short-term goals, such as going for a run three times a week, add up to those bigger long-term goals, such as completing a 10k. So focus on the baby steps for now. The priority in the first few months is just to get into a good routine. You want to work exercise into your day so that you don’t have to think twice about whether to go for that class after work – you just go.

Set achievable goals, choose the right type of exercise, find a buddy to encourage you, and make sure you look the part in sportswear that you’ll love putting on. It’s all part of making exercise something to look forward to for the next 12 months, and beyond!

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