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A Motivational Starter Pack For Healthy Living

They say that 17th January is the day that most New Year’s resolutions are broken, so if you have made it this far into the year and still have the determination to continue, congratulations. You have successfully reset your mentality and will naturally feel more positive.

Personal motivation is one of the most important factors in achieving your goals. A 2007 study by British psychologist Richard Wiseman found that only 12% of 3,000 subjects were able to achieve their New Year’s resolution goals. Which means that 88% of people in the study were unsuccessful.

You need to ask yourself, which kind of person are you? The kind who gets through January strong, but loses the momentum and gives up. Or do you manage to keep up and see the finishing line?

The reason why most people fail is they often set very ambitious goals that never materialise. They wake up in the New Year and realise they are the same person as they were in December. Changes happen in small steps over time and should be viewed as an exciting adventure and less like a chore. The good news is, you haven’t failed yet!

Life is always full of surprises and Life & Style know just how to motivate you into taking the first steps to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.


Set Simple Goals


Be realistic. If you have never set foot in a gym in your life you won’t suddenly be attending 4 times a week. But if you resolve to go once per week you might be more likely to complete it. Take a friend with you. A gym buddy will motivate you to get into the routine and you can have more fun by trying new classes together.

For days when you haven’t got a gym buddy, upbeat music will get you into the mood and you’ll be humming through your jog or weight training. Create a workout playlist with all your favourite club tunes or whatever lifts your spirit. It will help you focus on your tempo so that your heart is pumping and stays consistent during workouts.



Healthy Eating

diet & detox


Start off by detoxing. This lifestyle change cleanses the body, gets rid of toxins and is great for overall health and healing. Eliminating certain food and placing it with organic fruits and vegetables over processed food is not only affordable, but will support your body’s detoxification process.

If you tend to have a busy schedule you can get in your five a day by making fresh juices at home with a smoothie maker. It’s quick and easy and the rest can be stored away in the fridge for the evening.






Fitness Wardrobe

gym gear

Nothing gets you into the mood than new gym clothes. It’s a simple nudge to get you off the sofa and burn off those extra calories. Researchers have found that putting on new gym gear is more likely to get you into the right frame of mind as well as make your workouts more effective.

Just like putting on your favourite pair of jeans or slipping into you a pretty little black dress, you can undergo similar mental changes with gym wear for that feel good factor. A new sports bra, sports top and running joggers is just what you need to refresh your workout.




Keep It Quiet


Be careful about telling people your plans before you’ve had success, because announcing your plans can feel like an achievement in itself. The Science of Us gives the classic example of someone who resolves to run a marathon. They boldly declare the plan on social media, and suddenly they’re flooding their Facebook and friends timeline with training plans and pictures of running trainers.

They’ve created a social reality and made the mistake of thinking that talking about a goal is the same as progressing towards it. This adds unnecessary social pressure to the challenge which can make things a lot tenser than they need to be.


Instead keep things quiet and only tell people when you start making progress towards your goals. Unless it is a goal that requires peers to support you of course. Just keep in mind that telling people about your future accomplishments isn’t the same as achieving them!

If you’re just starting out or want to continue reaching your personal goals, head over to George and create your own motivational starter pack such as gym clothing, fitness accessories or smoothie maker for your healthy juices so you’re actively taking steps closer to fulfilling your 2017 goals.