Mum’s Retreat Checklist

You may feel like the days are getting shorter, but you still have to squeeze in work routines, school routines and after-school activities. If your energy’s running low, make plans for some mum me-time to recharge those batteries.

Choose Your Moment

The ideal is to snatch some precious mum moments while the kids are at school. Book a hair appointment, de-stress with a massage or arrange to meet a mate for lunch, maybe. But if you’re at work during the day, or have younger children still at home, you need to be a bit cleverer at choosing your me-time moments.

Empty the House

empty house mums retreat

An empty house is the best scenario for snatching me-time, so be clever with your household calendar. Oldest child at after-school club? Arrange a play date for the little one to maximise the benefit. And if you can find a way to ditch dad too, so much the better!

Get Out the Chore List

Nothing will make the kids disappear quicker than the threat of chores, so start waving the to-do list around menacingly. Or, set them a chore – tidying or dusting their room, for example – and indulge yourself while they draw it out for longer than you would ever think possible. Note; this works on husbands, too.

Arrange a Child Swap

Mums retreat with children

Conspire with another tired mum to maximise both your opportunities for me-time by arranging a child swap – she takes your kids for tea after school one day and you take hers the next. Just make sure you have the wine/chocolate ready in the fridge to recover on the days you’re on double mum duty.

Hit the Shops

It’s a fact that pretty much all kids hate shopping – and shopping with mum for mum things is about as bad as it gets! Leave the kids with dad or grandma and go shop till you drop. And if you can squeeze in a nice lunch and a quick nails appointment, so much the better!

Tire Them Out

Chill out Mum Harmony Bedroom

If you want to be left alone for 30 minutes or more, you have to put in the hard work first. Treat the kids to a trip to the pool, park, skatepark or somewhere else they can thoroughly wear themselves out. They’ll be dying to disappear to their rooms for some chill time when you get back – and you can do the same.

Focus Dad’s Attention

If dad’s at home, get him onboard – it’s far easier to snatch some me-time when you have parental back-up! Before you go for that blissful long soak, or disappear to your bedroom or living room with a book, make sure dad knows that he’s in charge – and that the kids know it too. Spell out the fact that you’re clocking off from mum duty now, and all queries, questions, arguments and requests for drinks and snacks should be referred directly to dad!

Do the Bathroom Check

bathroom retreat

There’s nothing worse than slipping beneath the warm, scented bubbles with your glass of wine and magazine to hand, only to have the perfect peace rudely interrupted by someone desperately needing the loo. Do a bathroom-check sweep of the house before you get in the tub, or live to regret it.

Set Up Your Sanctuary

Once the coast is clear, an easy bathroom transformation kit can create the perfect sanctuary in seconds. Read how with our top bathroom ideas:

  • Hide a secret stash of fluffy new towels that are definitely not to be used for swimming lessons or to wipe down muddy football boots
  • Ditch the all-in-one shower gel and shampoo and treat yourself to some luxurious bath products, for mum’s use only. Fragrant bath oils help create a spa-like experience
  • A matching bathroom accessories set will create a look you’ll love in an instant, without breaking the bank. The George Home Butterfly set is super pretty – or go glam with glitter
  • A face mask is a great pick me up. Just make sure you’ve got a decent mirror to hand for removal – you don’t want to scare the kids
  • Bath signs will add a stylish touch and make your bathroom beautiful
  • Finally, our top bathroom inspiration tip: Don’t forget your favourite magazine and a cup of tea.

Promise Sweet Treats

And if all else fails, revert to Parenting 101 – good old-fashioned bribery! It’s always good to have a handy stash of sweet treats in the cupboard for this reason. If you get to have your bath in peace, they get something that their dentist definitely won’t approve of. And if you can magic up an unseen movie too, you’ll buy yourself at least an hour and a half of blissful peace and quiet.

Whether you have to bribe, beg or barricade the bathroom door to get your much needed me-time, it’s worth it for those precious moments of peace.