Family of four in novelty jumpers

My Family Christmas Traditions

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I remember my very first Christmas with my husband when I moved to the UK. We planned our shopping list, baked presents for friends and grandparents, and even got our first novelty funny Christmas jumpers together.

We wore them for Christmas Eve that first year and it was a magical time starting our own family Christmas traditions together. It’s now something we do every year for Christmas Eve, with the whole family wearing matching novelty Christmas jumpers!

It isn’t just novelty jumpers that are flooding the shops this year either; stylish numbers are showing up too.

I love how many variations of stylish Christmas jumpers you can buy during the holidays now. You can get jumpers that look sophisticated and festive, like these my husband and I are wearing for a stylish-chic Christmas look.

We love spreading the festive cheer all winter long and these jumpers are perfect for that wintry style – not just for Christmas.

Couple in Christmas jumpers

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I grew up wearing traditional Christmas jumpers, but I’d wear these stylish jumpers to dinners out and lunch with friends during the holidays.

Cute blonde kids in Christmas jumpers

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Now that we have two kids, we love getting them involved in the festivities too.

When I think of Christmas time with children, I think of fun, laughter, and being silly. I love going shopping each year for our matching Christmas jumpers. The ones that are fuzzy with 3D noses and bauble-wrapped reindeer antlers and even Christmas jumpers that sing. Oh yes, this year, we have singing jumpers.

What feels more like Christmas than carol-singing jumpers?

As a family of four, we are a team, and this year it looks like we are the reindeer team for Christmas.

Two children and parents outside in reindeer jumpers

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I think it will be our best year yet, now that the kids are old enough to open presents and get involved in the magic of Christmas. They are learning about Santa and asking about their favourite Christmas book, The Elf on a Shelf – a big change from last year, when they were still too young to understand. They absolutely love their novelty Christmas sweaters this year.

I can’t wait to have these gorgeous family reindeer adorning us at the Christmas table.

Christmas jumpers have become such a popular Christmas tradition even charities are getting involved.

Do you have your Christmas jumper ready? Why not support a charity and join them on Christmas Jumper Day, on 18th December?

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