Moving house? Avoid chaos in the kitchen with these new-home essentials

New Home Starter Set

It can be daunting to know where to start when you’ve just moved house. In between all the unpacked boxes, the mixed-up belongings and the endless to-do lists, sorting simple things such as dinner can end up becoming a real mission. Luckily, with a few key appliances such as hand blenders and coffee machines, you can totally transform your kitchen into a haven amongst the chaos.

Whisk up a storm in the kitchen

So, if you’re struggling to get settled in your new home, or if you’re looking to give a gift to a friend or family member who’s just moved, Life & Style have created the ultimate new home starter set.

A coffee machine is a must-have to keep you going


You may not have finished unpacking, but if there’s one thing you need to get sorted ASAP, it’s where you get your coffee from. Guaranteed to give you a boost to help you get on with all the organising, coffee machines are a fuss-free way of making sure you power through everything in record time.

Give yourself a well-earned boost with a freshly-made coffee

To make drinks for the whole family, try our Tassimo coffee machines. Whether you’re sipping espressos or stealing a spare moment to enjoy a luxury latte, a Tassimo coffee machine will help make those long days of sorting seem all the more bearable. For the little ones, you can also make them a hot chocolate or warm milk for a soothing night-time beverage.


Blenders are a wonderful appliance to have in your new kitchen. Crucial to saving time while cooking, you’ll be able to create warming soups or pasta sauces in an instant and make fruit-filled smoothies at the drop of a hat.

Our jug blender is fantastic for feeding the family. With two pulsating speed controls, you’ll easily be able to create super-smooth sauces and drinks in no time. This blender also comes with a handy measuring cup to let you complete recipes quickly and efficiently.

For smaller creations such as dips, try a hand blender

To save space on kitchen counters, try a hand blender. Convenient to use and easy to store, hand blenders are an efficient way of blitzing up smaller meals. If you’re preparing to host a house-warming party, they’re also great for perfecting different dips, such as salsa or pesto.

Blenders save time and help you to make tasty soups, sauces or smoothies


When you’ve just moved house, you’ve got enough tasks to tick off without worrying about how you’re going to conjure up a wholesome meal. Fortunately, a slow cooker will sort you right out. From tender meat curries to hearty stews and soups, slow cookers will enable you to cook up a storm in the kitchen without spending hours slaving over the stove.

Pop in the ingredients and let the slow cooker do all the work

To reduce waste and save leftovers, why not freeze some of your slow cooker creations in our food storage containers? Packing away delicious dinners that can be brought out on busy evenings will be a breeze with our Pyrex storage sets in pink, green or blue.

Now that you’ve got all your new home essentials sorted, discover different ways of jazzing up your space with our stylish Wanderer and Pop collections.