Discover how to create the perfect nursery

Nursery Décor: George’s Top Tips & Tricks

Not sure how to decorate a nursery? Follow our handy tips and tricks to transform your child’s space into a haven for sleep and play.

1. Pick A
Colour Scheme

Decorating your little one’s first nursery is an exciting experience for the whole family. From picking the wallpaper and choosing the curtains to selecting adorable accessories, there are plenty of things new parents need to consider.

Sweet dreams will come easy with Winnie the Pooh bedding

These soft grey curtains come designed with big white stars

A good approach is to decide on a coordinating theme beforehand to help harmonise the room. For a calming combination, try peaceful colours like yellow, cream and white. Simply finish off with cute extras like Winnie the Pooh bedding to add a charming focal point.

2. Maximise
Sweet Dreams

Alongside decorating, it’s also important to have all the essentials sorted to ensure your journey into parenthood is as smooth as can be. And, as every new parent will know, maximising sleep is key for both you and your child.

Create a cosy sleeping space for your little one with this Kinder Valley waffle wicker pod

This baby movement monitor gives you peace of mind while your baby is resting

One way to inspire sweet dreams is to pick a comfortable moses basket or cot. Keeping your little one’s neck and head supported and (hopefully!) helping them to sleep through the night, creating a comfortable sleeping arrangement is a must.

Having a baby monitor close at hand will also give you peace of mind while your child rests.

3. Prioritise
Play Time

As well as sorting out a soothing sleeping environment, you’ll need to provide plenty of toys and activities to encourage your baby’s development.

From soft toys and baby walkers to mini gyms, anything that lets your child stretch, move and play is a toy worth trying out.

This soft and cuddly breathable toy makes a great snuggle buddy for your baby

This grey bouncer has a comfy padded seat with a 3 point safety harness

To nurture your newborn’s motor skills, why not try a baby bouncer? Not only will the bouncer keep them entertained, but the activity can also be a beautiful bonding experience between you and your child.

4. Don’t Forget Changing Bags

No nursery would be complete without accessories to ensure a fuss-free changing experience. From changing pads and changing bags to nappies, wipes and disposal systems, it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.

With plenty of room for nappies and wipes, this stylish changing bag is great for changing on the go

Changing is easy with this grey Winnie the Pooh changing mat

But, remember to think about their next steps! As they develop and grow, you can always replace the changing mat for a colourful toilet training system to help them adjust.

5. Their First

It’s no secret that stocking up on newborn clothes is one of the most exciting parts of preparing for your little one’s arrival. From selecting sweet sleepsuits and socks to picking outfits for special occasions, once you’ve started buying clothes, it’s hard to stop.

Stock up on their essentials with neutral grey bodysuits

Keep them cosy in grey joggers

To make sure each item you purchase is a good investment, we recommend opting for clothes a few sizes bigger. After all, newborns don’t stay small for long!

And, if you’re saving the gender of your baby as a surprise, choosing unisex baby clothes is a fantastic place to start.

Now that you’ve prepared your little one’s nursery, get them ready for their first adventure with our travel essentials, including prams, car seats and travel cots.