Packing For Your Summer Holiday

Summer is just around the corner and that of course means that your holidays are fast approaching. If you are planning on escaping Britain for warmer weather then this is the list for you! Life and Style are here to provide practical holiday packing advice.


You Need Less Than You Think 

kids by the pool

It’s a classic mistake to pack more than you might need, we’ve all been on holidays and returned with unworn outfits. This may not have mattered as much a few years ago, most airlines penalise heavy packers with extra baggage fees, so it’s important to only bring the essentials.

When packing it’s best to imagine the types of activities that will be undertaken, if the plan is just to lounge at the pool/beach then you will probably only need to pack beachwear.

Over packing is more likely if are going on holiday with children as you need to think about all the different things the little ones might need. But really a lot of these things might not get used and take up part of your weight allowance for the airplane.

To help reduce the space and weight of your luggage, there’s the option of bringing versatile clothes and accessories that go with most your other outfits.


Make A List


It pays to be organised and have a list of items that you need to bring on your trip. Bringing organisation to the holiday packing will make your life easier in the long run, so it’s worth making yourself a list.

The earlier you make this list the better because it gives you more time to think about what you need. It becomes more difficult to forget something if you start your list ages before the trip, because there is a lot more time to think about the items that are needed.

To help your list, note some of your planned activities, to get an idea of what sort of things you will 100% need to pack. Plan the types of clothes you require for each of these and that should help you figure out the most essential stuff to bring.


Don’t Leave It Too Latekids drinking

The classic easier said than done suggestion. Having an organised list that you can chip away by packing gradually will put you in good stead to have everything ready for when the holiday takes place.

Got a free half an hour? Why not go through a drawer and pack the socks and underwear you will need to be bringing with you on holiday?


Brace Yourself For Changing Weather

summer clothes

While you may be hoping for a trip full of sunshine and hot weather this might not be possible, you could end up escaping the British summer weather and being stuck in a tropical monsoon. Meaning you might as well have stayed at home.

Anyway, it pays to be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions so pack a couple of emergency items in case the weather takes a sudden cold turn or the heavens open up. You can wear these clothes to the airport to save on room in the luggage.


Invest In A Large Bag

Bringing a large handbag on holiday can also be a wise move as it can be used to store a beach towel, along with the various items you might need if you are travelling with kids. Ask any mother who has to carry an unlimited supply of tissues with them.

Try and get something that zips up to avoid pickpockets, you’d be surprised how often people’s valuables end up missing when they go to the beach. A zip up pocket can also protect the inside of your bag from ending up filled up with sand. We’ve all been there and discovered sand at the bottom of a bag weeks after the holiday has finished!

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