Mum and daughter in PJs

PJs to Spend All Day In

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I absolutely love pyjamas and if I am at home, no matter what the time, then you will find me wearing them. No one wants to lounge around in their jeans do they?!

There is a huge variety of pyjamas out there these days, a lot of it now going by the name of ‘loungewear’ because it’s perfect for lounging in – and doesn’t necessarily scream ‘pyjamas’ to the postman who you answer your door to at 1pm. I always find myself muttering excuses about how I work from home, but I’m pretty sure he just thinks I just spend my life in PJs.

George sell a range of pyjamas for adults as well as children, and they are such good value, you could choose a different pair for every day of the week.

The kids like to wear sleepwear more as fancy dress. They are both really into themed things, and if they can wear something with their favourite character on it means they actually get enthusiastic about dressing.

The Elsa dress that Cherry is wearing in the photo below has been worn out in the day and no one had any idea it is for sleeping in. It comes with a separate little hood to complete the look too.

Little girl in Elsa pyjamas

(image created by blogger)

My pyjamas of choice are comfy trousers, a vest and then a nice snuggly jumper to go on top. I love the stripy trousers that I’m wearing in the main photo, they are so soft, as is the fleecy jumper.

Kids in cartoon pyjamas

(image created by blogger)

Cherry is wearing the Pudsy Bear pyjamas in the photo below, and 20% of the purchase price goes to Children In Need.

Pudsy Bear PJs

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Tiger loves Iggle Piggle, so these were a hit with him!

Iggle Piggle PJs on little boy

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You can find the yellow cushions and pink festive blanket in the George Home & Garden section. And, of course, the PJs are in the Nightwear sections for women and kids.