How To Plan An Egg Hunt This Easter

Easter’s such a lovely holiday. Spring is underway (well, theoretically) and the first long weekend of the year gives us the perfect opportunity to gather friends and family, and get out into the garden for an egg hunt. Yes, even if the little ones aren’t so little anymore, an egg hunt is Easter fun for all of the family.

These days there are so many ideas for egg hunts, which include everything from navigating treasure maps, solving quizzes and riddles – some with rhymes or picture clues too – to fastest fingers first, where participants find as many eggs as they can hidden behind the garden furniture. Whatever format you decide on, here’s everything you’ll need for organising an egg-cellent (sorry, it had to be done) hunt at home.


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Plan For All Age Groups

If you’re hosting an egg hunt for tiny tots or a mix of children of varying ages, we suggest hiding coloured eggs, rather than chocolate ones, and then allocating each child with a specific colour to find. You could give the older children clues to make it a little harder for them, but giving each child one set of coloured eggs to find (and allowing the children to just bag as many as they can possibly find) ensure even the smallest child can take part. Well, as long as they can identify their given colour, of course!

Once all the coloured eggs have been located, you can hand out prizes to all of the participants. Everyone receives the same amount of ‘treasure’ at the end of the hunt and everyone is happy!

Source Containers For The Loot

If you’re going for a traditional hunt feel, try some wicker style baskets. Or, instead, you can opt for fancier Easter-themed baskets instead.


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Get The Eggs! (This is an important one)

If you’re allocating each participant their own colour eggs to scavenge for, then, obviously, you’ll need lots of differently coloured eggs. You can buy pre-coloured plastic eggs – George have a great selection in store, by the way – or if you’re feeling crafty, you could always spray hard-boiled or polystyrene eggs in the paint of your choice. If you don’t have time to source tones of eggs, you can just create teams instead and allocate one colour for each.


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Get Clever With Your Clues

If you’re catering for older kids (and that includes the grown ups!), coming up with quiz questions, maps or riddles for loot locations is a great idea. After all, a little challenge never hurt anyone. If rhyming couplets aren’t your thing however, worry not – Pinterest is full of clue-spiration to get you started!

Stock Up On Sweet Rewards

Once all of the coloured eggs have been hunted, participants will be desperate for their chocolately reward. Happy hunting!


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