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How to Plan A Great Outdoor Party for Kids

When it comes to planning a children’s birthday party you can look to keep costs down by hosting the event in your back garden. This will give the event a homely quality and make it something for the little one to remember for a long time. With how the weather has looked this far, there’s a good chance you can get the party started on a glorious day of sunshine.
When it comes to any sort of party there is always the classic dilemma of hiring out a venue or hosting yourself. We are looking at the best ways to get day jumping for a fraction of the cost it would cost to hire somewhere out.

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Party Food

Fire up the BBQ, invite your mates over and get started on great outdoor party; who can’t say that you can’t have fun at a kids’ party too. Invite the parents of the children over, while the little ones are playing and making their own fun the adults can do their own thing and get some much-needed time off.
If you have space for the guests then you can play host for just the price of refreshments and maybe some entertainment if you’re that way inclined -always a good excuse to pick up some party food. The key to a successful outdoor party is to make it equally fun for the kids and adults.

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Party Decorations

You can make your own decorations for cheap, which will give the kids a way to get involved in the aesthetics of the event. Get a theme arranged and let the arts and crafts take over the party space for a unique-looking event. Giving the kids direct involvement in the aesthetics of the shindig is a great feeling and will add a sense of ownership and pride.
Selecting the theme can be half the battle, there are loads of exotic options that are a lot easier than they seem. For instance a Hawaiian theme is easy enough all you need is to get a good number of lei wreaths for the vests and ask they come dressed in suitable attire.

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If you’re planning on hiring some sort of entertainer then the time to organise this is about 10 weeks before the big day. Magicians, balloon artists or even animal person – who can showcase interesting creatures and teach, are all great options. These are the things that can make the day truly memorable.
For a small amount of effort there’s the option to create homemade versions of classic funfair games. It can be as easy as the classic “guess how many sweets in the jar”, to ideas that require more planning such as renting a bouncy castle. A trampoline will also add something fun to occupy the guests for hours.
You can transform the garden into a playground for children and even adults. Someone has to test out the bouncy castle, right?

Hopefully with these tips the party will be a huge success something that people will remember for a long time. Remember to stock up on paper plates and plastic cups to do yourself a favour when it comes to cleaning up.