How To Prep For The Perfect Garden Party

‘Tis very nearly the season for barbecuing and sipping Pimm’s on the patio, and, boy, are we excited for it. From decoration ideas to lawn games, get all the inspiration you need to throw the mother of all garden parties this summer. Now, let’s just hope the sun actually comes out…

The Furniture

Key to any shindig is the furniture – there needs to ample seating for guests and plenty of space for food and drinks (the most important bits!). This summer, George has a huge selection of garden furniture on offer, which ranges from full dining sets to outdoor sofas and reclining sunbeds.

However, buying brand new furniture isn’t the only way to make your backyard look inviting over the sunny season. Draping brightly coloured blankets over benches, scattering patterned cushions on chairs and covering tables with vibrant cloths will instantly lift any weary-looking garden furniture.


The Barbecue

Let’s be honest, the main attraction at most garden parties is the barbecue. Scoffing countless sausages, burgers in baps and over-charred skewers over the course of an evening is summertime tradition and no backyard soiree would be complete without such sizzling offerings.

If you’re thinking that your green space is a little small for a big grill, worry not. For petite patios, opt for a portable-sized kettle barbecue. If barbecuing is something you’re taking very seriously this summer, we suggest making room for one with a double grill, a rotisserie, a plate warmer and built-in chopping board. Now, that’s what we call a barbecue…


The Games

Have your party guests entertained for hours by providing some classic lawn games, which could include old favourites croquet, skittles and boules. If a lawn is what you’re lacking however, giant Connect Four and Jenga or patio Swingball is also fail-safe fun. And for the little ones, a paddling pool is guaranteed to keep them sweet on a balmy afternoon.


The Lighting

Keep the party going long after the sun has set by decorating the garden with an array of fairy lights and lanterns. The perfect backdrop to after-hours drinks or a little late-night dancing, let your outdoor space sparkle in the dark by winding lights around tree trunks, through branches or around the railings of a balcony. Garden candles are another way to light up the seating areas too, with citronella oil-infused candles being extremely useful at keeping the bugs at bay.


The Decorations

To top off your garden party, go all out and adorn your outdoor space with pretty bunting, colourful chimes or fun ceramic ornaments. Sure, the green of the grass or the rainbow of blossoming flowers will already provide colourful surroundings for your guests but adding a few more decorations of your own will add a real sense of occasion. Need some inspiration? Supplying a tropical theme to gardens across the country this summer will be George’s exotic birds ornaments, which include a beautiful pelican, parrot and toucan (below).