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Ready, Set, Play: Outdoor Toys For Kids

When the sun’s in the sky, what better excuse to move playtime outside? Key to helping your little one improve their cognitive abilities, toys are also a great opportunity to inject some excitement into the day.

Whether they want to jump to the moon on a trampoline or try out their very first set of wheels, there are plenty of ways to encourage your child to get out and about this summer. With this in mind, we’ve rounded up our favourite outdoor toys for kids to guarantee fun in the sun.

Try Out A Trampoline

Letting your child stay fit and healthy as well as providing them with a chance to blow off some steam, a trampoline is the ideal pick for lively kids.

Trampolines are a great way to encourage healthy outdoor fun

Keep children active and entertained with a trampoline

Whether your garden is little or large, we have plenty of affordable and safe options to put the bounce into playtime, including spacious 12 ft. and 10 ft. trampolines and compact 3 ft. designs.

And, with all that jumping around, this toy is a brilliant way to tire them out for bed time!

Playground-perfect Toys

As soon as the warm weather arrives, it’s not long before your little ones want to get outside into the sunshine. If you want to save a trip to the park, you can transform your very own garden into a picture-perfect playground with a few of our impressive outdoor toy options.

This swing has an adjustable wooden frame and a 3-in-1 animal themed seat

This Little Tikes First Slide will provide hours of garden fun this summer

From swing sets and play centres to tunnel climbers and children’s slides, no matter your kid’s favourite playground activity, you’re sure to find a fantastic fit in our range.

Their First Trike

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of peddling your way to new adventures. But while learning to ride a bike is a rite of passage for many children, kids too young to learn can still join in the family bike trip by practising on a trike.

With extra wheels and support, trikes are a great way to develop your child’s balance and coordination, as well as helping to nurture their curious side.

We don't recommend cycling in snowy or icy conditions, but this Frozen bike is perfect for when the weather's good

This electric scooter with push button acceleration offers speeds up to 10 mph

Luckily, our colourful trikes grow with your child, taking them from a beginner rider to a seasoned expert in no time. And, if your little one gets tired on their journeys, you can even give them a helping hand by using the adjustable push handle. Easy!

Go For A Spin

Colourful, engaging and their very own set of wheels, it’s no wonder that toy cars appear on so many children’s wish lists.

And, when it comes to finding a hard-wearing and eye-catching option, you can’t go wrong with a Little Tikes car. Thanks to the lightweight and easy to navigate design, your child will be able to explore the great outdoors with ease.

Little Firefighters can ride to the rescue in this adorable Spray & Rescue Fire Truck, complete with hose that really squirts water!

They'll love catching a ride in this Cozy Coupe Cab

Whether they pretend they’re driving to the shops, discovering a magical world or going on a family holiday, this is one toy that will keep them entertained for hours.

To end your day in the sun with a family BBQ, take a look at our wide range of garden furniture, gas BBQs and picnicware collection.