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Refresh Your Home For Summer

Summer is here! It’s the return of those glorious months of warm weather, BBQs and Pimm’s. While you’ve probably updated your wardrobe for the heat; have you thought about revamping the home décor to fit the new season?

With the changing weather comes a flurry of new trends and must-have pieces and we’re here to help you welcome the summer into your home with bright and inspirational ideas put together by Life and Style.



When it comes to refreshing the bedroom it’s best to begin from a solid foundation of colour which allows for flexibility. Ensure the base elements such as wall design can complement various hues. Lighter, neutral tones are your best bet, as they offer the most versatility among the pallet.

bedroom furniture

Add a pop of fresh colour to the bedroom with summer bright bedding that will lighten up the décor. The striking colours are a fantastic way to make your bedding the centrepiece of your room if you’re working with little space or want to make subtle changes that are transitional for the season.


Splashing bright colours throughout the room requires matching accessories; we’d suggest investing in cushions showing off similarly hot ‘pops’ of colour. These small details are quick and easy to make changes as well as bring your theme together.


Living Room

One of our favourite living room trends is the beautifully retro light box; with a selection of letters you can create unique messaging for guests at any social event. Taking inspiration from the classic cinemas of yesteryear, light boxes bathe the room in a warm ambience. Perfect for cuddling up on the sofa during those quiet movie nights in.

Light Box

The living room can also benefit from the touch of new cushions, fresh for the summer. Choosing something that has tropical or floral prints are the perfect decorating idea to bring colour to your living room or conservatory space.

Add a tropical touch to your living room with these bold cushions #GeorgeHome

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Meanwhile, chic lettered cushions are great for giving the room a personal touch that suits all modern settings. Contrast the brighter designs with monochrome for a quirky feel to the room that provides a unique style.

Add a personal touch to your furniture with this decorative cushion. #GeorgeHome

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When it comes to the kitchen, things can be brought to life by adding charming little touches with quality and stylish dinner sets. Perfect for everyday use George has a great selection of decorative tableware that will make daily dining a stylish occasion. Finish the look with beautiful glassware for an added element of elegance.

Bring your kitchen to life with decorative tableware #GeorgeHome

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Create a co-ordinated look by pairing kettles and toasters to the same theme, what better kitchen accessories to pair together? Finish your kitchen’s look by adding matching utensils and accessories.

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When it comes to summer 2017 home décor, George is the place to come for Home and Garden styling to take you through the hottest months of the year. It’s the perfect time to refresh the rooms of your home with the small touches that welcome the new season with style.