We asked blogger Emma – from Life At The Little Wood – and her daughters to try out the best retro styles in the George collection

You only need to take a quick glance along the High Street today to realise that fashion trends are coming full circle.  From dungarees to crop tops, 70s-style maxis to 60s Peter-Pan collars, the styles and crazes of yesteryear are filtering back to form a new mash-up of 00s looks.



It’s only a matter of time before the shell-suit (remember those?!) is revisited.

With two girls under eleven, both with a keen sense of their own style, it’s so interesting to see that the looks they gravitate towards now are so very different to what I would have chosen at their age.  The retro and vintage styles that are bang on trend nowadays are exactly what I’d have rebelled against at ages six and ten, probably complaining that they were old-fashioned and uncool.  Which just goes to show – what did I know?


George have so many beautiful homages to trends gone by, and styling some of them with my girls was a real exercise in nostalgia, and a trip down memory lane to the fashions of my childhood too.  Little runner shorts in the softest jersey, chunky knits like those your Granny might have knitted, ditsy print sundresses perfect for hot holiday evenings (sun-kissed noses to accessorise), the sweetest broderie cotton dresses, crochet collars and espadrilles made for beach walks and garden play.  Turns out they actually do create fashion like they used to.




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