Which Coffee Machine Is Right For You?

For some of us, the thought of sipping a cup of warm coffee is the only motivation for getting out of bed on those cold winter mornings. Naturally, the strong invigorating aroma of roasted beans brewing is enough to wake you up. Not only does it trigger good feelings and memories, but if you’re like some people who can’t function without it first thing in the morning, the smell of coffee signals the brain that caffeine is on its way. Watch your energy peak!

So if you’re in the market for a coffee machine to make the perfect morning cuppa but don’t quite know where to begin, you’re in the right place. This is a big commitment, think of it as an investment in the way you function in the morning. Making the right choice here can give you an added incentive for leaving your warm bed.

Coffee machines also make great gifts, especially if you have a few connoisseurs in your life. So if you are one of these people then they are even better gifts to yourself. It’s always nice to treat yourself.


If you don’t know your filter coffee from your coffee filters then this is the list for you as we look to explain some of the technical terms and what to look for in each machine. Some of the lingo isn’t the most easy to understand without a little bit of explaining.

In the UK, the tradition of constant tea-drinking appears to be on the wane, as we become more and more coffee-centric. Outside the home, Britons are drinking two and a half cups of coffee for every one of tea; the rise of coffee shops are showing these changes. Figures published by researchers NPD, show that tea consumption is down 19% when compared to 2010.

To help you choose which machine you’d like to purchase we are going to look at four of the main categories, to help you decide which to purchase. Before you ask, we aren’t going to step near the fierce hand or electric bean grinder debate, otherwise we’d here all day!


Filter Coffee Machine2

Filter coffee machines are great for creating large amounts of fresh coffee, that fill the room with the pleasing aroma of a quaint coffee shop. These machines work by dripping water through a vessel of ground coffee, which uses a reusable or permanent filter to keep the grounds away from the main liquid. The liquid drips through the filter, where the taste and smell of the coffee grounds are absorbed. 

The coffee is now ready to be served straight from the carafe or pot, making it easy for the whole family to get a cup of hot steaming coffee in the morning. The temperature is maintained by a heated plate which warms the liquid from underneath.

Be wary, if you choose to get a permanent filter it will require maintenance and cleaning over time, but this will save you buying disposable filters; making it a more cost-effective option. Removable papers are a lot easier to use and can be binned immediately after they have been used.


Pod and Capsule Coffee Machines3

These machines are fancier and have the seal of approval from coffee snobs who love the ease and quality of coffee that is produced. Pod and capsule coffee machines make use of disposable pods which are purchased separately and contain coffee. It is sealed inside after it has been blended, roasted and ground, you place the pods inside the machine which does all the work.

The water is carefully heated and passed through the pod, to absorb the rich flavour which is brought from the beans to your cup. These capsules are a convenient way to get your coffee in the morning, without having to clean the filter holders when they get messy. Just remove the capsule once it is empty and throw it into the bin. Certain manufacturers use recyclable capsules, which will earn you extra brownie points for considering the environment.

These machines are all super-easy to use, with a push of a button you can conjure your very own hot steaming cup of coffee. Unlocking your potential to handle the day and get going. Each of the various companies that make these machines often use pods that are unique to that brand, so make sure that you are using the correct pods with the machine.


Espresso Coffee Machines4

Our espresso coffee machines thrive in their ability to create a barista-style espresso in the comfort of your very home. You never need to go outside again! These machines might be a little bit advanced for some users so make sure that you read the instructions before you dive in, just in case you miss out on some of the cooler features that the machines hold.

You can create your own espresso coffees at home by using pre-ground coffee and a filter holder. Meanwhile the pump machine has its own dedicated water tank. This is warmed by a heating system, to ensure that the water has reached the ideal temperature for coffee creation.

The water is passed through the coffee filter holder, creating a rich and full-bodied espresso. For advanced coffee brewers, some of these machines come with a steam arm, which can be used to froth milk for creating for cappuccinos and lattes. You can even use the coffee pods with some of these machines for an added layer of ease in your home coffee creation studio.


Bean-To-Cup Coffee Machines5

Bean-to-cup machines are creatively titled because they do exactly what the name suggests; delivering hot, aromatic coffee directly from the beans themselves. With the press of a button the coffee beans are magically transformed into the liquid form; you merely need to load the beans into the machine and leave it do the hard work of grinding. Electric grinders for the win!

The beans are ground and tightly packed, while the water is sprayed in at the correct pressure to ensure that the maximum flavour is extracted and transferred to the brew. At the touch of a button these possibilities are released and presented in the form of a steaming cup of delicious coffee. Meanwhile the wasted beans are ejected into a tray for easy disposal.

With the steam arm, the possibilities of creating various different types of coffee are released, you won’t know joy until you have fully experimented with what you can create in your own home. Bean-to-cup machines are perfect for people who care about their coffee but want it easily created. While it will also please those with fine tastes.



When you have your coffee in the morning you are going to need an attractive coffee table to set it down on. Browse our range of tables to see what best meets your demands and suits the décor of the room.

Be sure to check out whether you can get a machine with a programmable timer, that way you can wake up to revitalising coffee every day, minimising your time in the morning without a cup of the good stuff.