It's easier than ever to stock up on school essentials thanks to our wide range of schoolwear

School Style Made Easy

Whether your children love it or hate it, there’s no getting away from the fact that most schools have a uniform. While this might mean that their brand-new fancy dress costume can only come out at the weekends, it does make their Monday to Friday wardrobe easier to plan.

Even so, the cost of school uniforms can be off-putting. Thankfully, kitting out your children in smart outfits doesn’t need to cost a fortune. From durable school blazers and coats to comfortable shoes, our budget-friendly and flattering uniforms will have them racing to update their school style.


Whether they’re spilling paint during art or spoiling their blouse creating their latest science project, it’s no secret that your child’s uniform goes through a lot of wear and tear. The last thing you want is to keep re-stocking every time their playground games get out of hand, so it’s a great idea to buy multipacks to replace damaged items easily.

These 2-packs of cardigans and sweatshirts are made with soft fabric and lasting colour

Made with 100% cotton, this versatile pack of 5 blue school polo shirts will keep them comfy all week

From jumpers and sweatshirts to polo shirts and accessories, our great quality multipacks are full of durable designs that will last the entire school term. Worried about finding the right colour for your child’s school? Simply take your pick from our rainbow selection!


A blazer is a key item that marks your child’s exciting transition from primary to secondary school. Since they’re the finishing touch to many uniforms, you’re bound to want to make sure they stay looking smart. Luckily, our blazers are made from stain-resistant material, making them just the thing for energetic (and messy!) learners on the go.

While spring is fast approaching, the weather can be unpredictable, and a blazer may not be enough to keep your child warm on the school run. For some added protection, why not get them a jacket or coat to throw on top?

Make a smart addition to her school outfits with this blazer, complete with a Teflon® finish to keep stains at bay

This hooded coat is filled with padding to help keep your youngster warm and protected from the elements


From taking in their PE kit to bringing back homework and works of art, children can end up carrying a lot to and from school. To make sure that they’re able to transfer this weight without hurting themselves, it’s a good idea to invest in a sturdy school bag.

Two-strap styles are the most supportive, and our selection of rucksacks come in a fun array of prints to add some colour to their look. Whether they prefer pink unicorn prints or Paddington designs, they’re sure to find a style to put a spring in their step.

The force will be with them when carrying this Star Wars backpack, designed to look like a stormtrooper
Cute, roomy and colourful, this rainbow rucksack has everything they could ever want in a bag
If they need to carry supplies for school or day trips, let Paddington Bear help them with this blue rucksack


Worn day in, day out, school shoes are one of the most important parts of your child’s uniform. From dependable designs and strapped styles to pretty ballet shoes, our supportive range will have your kid covered from primary school to sixth form.

These 2-strap shoes come in a black finish with cushioned insole for comfort

They'll look stylish and smart in these black school shoes

For running around, why not try some of our discreet black trainers? Featuring adjustable straps or laces, these practical styles are ideal for playground fun.

Now that their uniform is sorted, why not get their wardrobe ready for spring? From printed dresses and tops to denim and trousers, we have everything they need to make a stylish statement.