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Just because we are now deep into the current school year, it doesn’t mean that your days of buying school uniform are over. Many of these items are in hot demand throughout the year as you have to deal with growth spurts, wear and tear or whatever else arises.

If you have multiple children you might find that, budgeting for school uniforms can be tricky especially when you have to deal with different desires and styles. They might not want to wear big brother’s hand-me-downs.

Life and Style is on hand to offer practical advice for getting the new uniforms once the new term hits. The end of summer sales for uniforms might be over but great value can be found on the George website all year around.

Government research found the average total expenditure on school uniform was £212.88 for families. Even a small saving on a few items pieces can make a big difference to your finances. So it always pays to be thrifty.

Many parents will find that PE kits are one of the most damaged parts of the Girls uniform 1uniform, with all the rough and tumble that takes place in the average lesson, it can feel like no-time until the clothes need replacing.

You will find all the PE essentials like shirts, shorts, skirts and shoes on George, for boys and girls starting from just £3. Browse our range of athletic gear, at competitive prices to see what will help your child as they get healthy through exercise.

Browse through our Umbro collection for a great selection of affordable sportswear that doesn’t compromise on quality. George proudly stocks this innovative collection for boys that includes a great range of football boots like the stylish Umbro Medusæ. As any aspiring footballer will tell you, stylish boots are important for showing off the silky skills.

One way of keeping the kids in clothes while not breaking the bank is to spread the cost of the uniform over a few months. Get shoes and shirts in one month, while you can realistically wait until September for buying jumpers. By spreading these costs you can ease the financial burden of buying a whole new wardrobe each year.


School Uniform


While some items like shoes and coats can survive for years, it’s important to inspect each item and see if they need to be replaced or if they can make another year. A lot of children will wear their shoes until they are literally falling apart, so make sure you give them a good check.

School shoes are available in many sensible yet stylish styles. It’s easy to find yourself an option that will provide maximum comfort too, as they will be worn on a daily basis.

Keep it safe by placing an order for custom name tape that will help your children come home in the same clothes they went to school in. You can even add an address to help any lost property make its way home if the worst should happen.

Finally look to George for secondary school uniform needs too, essential items like blazers and jackets, all are ready to come home. Like all our school uniform range these are smart, comfortable and hard wearing, which will help them last the school year.

As we’re into the New Year, now is a great time to stock up on school uniform essentials. Browse the range at George for inspiration and affordable items all year around.