Seaside Interiors To Create A Beach Home Vibe

Bring the beach to your home with simple and easy ways to create a seaside look to a room like it’s overlooking the coast. It’s a great way to set a calming sensation in your home with classic elements like blue and white stripes. It’s the perfect look for anyone hoping to get something resembling the crashing oceans and crunching sand under your feet. Ideal for anyone craving a carefree holiday getaway to the beach within your home, it’s all about the accessories for creating this experience.

Life and Style will be looking at items, which can be dotted around the room to inspire a beach vibe, deck the shore with these items for a uniquely summer theme.


Bring The Beach Home

To create a truly authentic beach house aesthetic you can bring back shells and pretty stones you can find washed up on the shore. Children love collecting these anyway, so why not get them to pick out their favourites to bring home and decorate with them?

An empty glass jar can be turned into a beach shrine, by filling it with sand and decorating the exterior with beach items. Filling the jar with beach memories and placing it on the coffee table is a great way to personalise the room.

With your own beach jar you can bring the beach anywhere with you, even if you lives miles from the nearest coastline. The sand and pebbles you collect are unique to the beach you find them from which make every jar special.


Lanterns and Candles

Increasing the beach vibe in the room can come down to the small items dotted around. The aim is to design serene surroundings and encourage dreaming of far-away lands of surf and sea. Thinking of beach houses makes you think of weathered wood panels and the crispy white Caribbean sand. With this in mind, think about how you can subtly brighten up the room using artificial lighting. Consider how the light plays with the backdrop and the patterns that are conjured when the lantern is alight.

Alternatively, candlelight is renowned for completely transforming the character of space, the flickering of the flame is unique. Especially for anyone who has ever attended a late night beach adventure with only a roaring fire for a light source.

Lighting alters a room’s perception and add warmth with candles providing a mesmerising, soothing aid to the colours.

beach lantern




If there’s one thing we’d like to emphasise, next time you’re on the coast, fill your pockets with beautiful shells to use later for arts and crafts. Take the humble mirror, it can be jazzed up by affixing these items to the bezels.

Mirrors bring character to the décor and provide an eye-catching feature of the room. Like the beach jar, adding a touch of the seaside to your mirror is a fun activity to create a unique item. Affix your chosen decorations to the frame to create a beautiful piece of art work that will add character to a bare wall.

 With just a few of these tips you can bring the beach home and jazz up your surroundings on the cheap. Of course, beach items should receive a thorough clean before use in decoration, you want to make sure everything is clean before going on the wall.