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Shirt Dresses: Day To Night Looks

Shirt dresses are versatile and easy to wear. Whether you go for an oversized style or a tailored fit, they give off an effortless street style look for a cool girl vibe. Not only that, there’s something really cheeky about them like you’ve just slipped on your boyfriend’s shirt, right?

Either way, you can wear them for all seasons and occasions such as casual days, to work and nights out with the girls.

Life and Style shows how you can upgrade your basic shirt dress, whether you want to wear it as it is or get creative with it, here are some simple ways to add some serious attitude.

 Plaid Shirt Dress

Whatever The Weather

If the grey weather is clouding your judgement, you can wear shirt dresses over your skinny jeans, leggings or tights. It’s easy, convenient and will have you prepared incase its gets nippy. For days when the sun is playing hide and seek, you can show off some thighs instead and wear extra long socks.

Be careful though as this school girl look can have a childish effect, so pick the right style that’s cute but cool for grownups.


Different Looks With Accessories

Most shirt dresses can be baggy and hide your figure. Get creative and experiment with different types of belts or fabric ties that will cinch in the waist and highlight your curves.

A light patterned scarf will break up the visuals. The contrasting colours add a light layering effect and dimension to your overall look, which is flowy and looks pretty in all seasons.

For a feminine touch, finish the look with a side chain bag, as this will soften the tomboy look without having to change your whole outfit. This entire look is perfect for the day and will look great at night.

Mid Shirt Dress

Be Work Ready For Day- To – Night

The key to achieving such versatile looks with your shirt dresses is to be clever with your styling. You can be creative by layering up a plain white shirt dress with a sleeveless tailored blazer. This look is smart and trendy if you want to switch up your office wear then head out for drinks with your colleagues in the evening.

Finish it off by opening the top buttons and add a splash of colour to your lips. It’s a great transitional style from day to evening without lugging around a whole new outfit in your bag.


Footwear Swap

British singer and style icon Rita Ora rocks her shirt dresses with chunky boots to the trendiest clubs in town. Take notes ladies because it’s definitely a wardrobe staple that doesn’t need proper styling. You can get away with just about any type of footwear with shirt dresses.

Trainers give a casual, effortless look for daytime wear and getting your to-do list done is a breeze when you’re comfortable. If you have a spontaneous night out, be bold and go for a statement shoe as it’s necessary to make a simple shirt dress glam.

So there you have it ladies, the easy, breezy and on-trend shirt dresses that will instantly get you noticed. For more styles, Asda George clothing have a range of women’s shirt dresses that are in trend at affordable prices.

Patchwork Shirt Dress