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Sleepover Survival Guide

When you pack your kids off for a sleepover you might be thinking a couple of things. “I hope my little one is alright for the night without me”; or [more likely] “I can’t wait to get a night off! And watch what I want on TV for a change.”
Before you start relaxing, there’s the job of thinking about what to pack for your child’s trip away. Whether they’re off for a school trip or having a sleepover at a friend’s, you need to make sure they have the stuff they’ll need for the night. Life and Style are on hand to offer you some of the finest packing advice around.


Kids playing


The first step is to make sure that they have a bag that will hold all the things they might need. You want something comfortable with good storage like a backpack. You also don’t want it to be too big in case they tip over under the weight, so be sure not to over-pack.


Most people will want your child to feel at home when they are invited over for the night. So make sure that you pack a change of clothes to wear the next day and casual clothes for the evening.

You can’t go wrong with a reliable pair of joggers. The soft material makes it the perfect trouser for relaxing and having fun; an essential item for sleepover rough and tumble fun. Also don’t forget to pack a cosy pair of slippers to protect little feet from the cold floor. They can leave their shoes at the door and feel comfortable with their own slippers. These are easy to forget so make sure to pack them first.

Make sure you also pack them a change of clothes. Two of each item won’t go amiss and will cover any accidents or spills that could happen.

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Other essentials:

– Pyjamas or nightwear

– Jumper

– Onesie

– Dressing gown

– Clean underwear



It’s always best to pack more toiletries than necessary, because you’d rather they have them than not. When thinking about what to bring, it can be helpful to mentally go through the nightly bathroom routine to get an idea of what needs to be packed.

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– Here are a few items that you might want to pack.

– Toothpaste + toothbrush

– Deodorant

–  Shampoo & shower gel

– Towel

– Sandwich bags

– Medicines (Instructions included for parents too)

– Plasters

– Painkillers


Let’s be realistic, when kids get together at a sleepover, they aren’t going to be eating carrot sticks. You don’t have to go crazy, but packing a few sweets will be fun and make for great midnight snacking. For extra brownie points you can sneak it into their bag, for a nice surprise.

– Sweets

– Crisps

– Fizzy drink


Home Comforts

Spending time away from home could be a bit worrying for your child, especially at bedtime. It is a good idea to pack a few home comforts that might help them get to sleep a bit easier. You can bring their pillow, sometimes the comforting smells of home can make it easier to sleep in an unfamiliar bed.

You can pack a teddy bear or something cuddly that can also help them get to sleep. Make sure you ask first, especially for boys, who might not feel too happy about getting a teddy bear out in front of their mates.

Other home comforts to bring:

– Sleeping bag

– Torch

– Nightlight

 children water fight     Toys and Fun Stuff

Don’t forget the fun bit! This is going to be an exciting time for your little one, so make sure that you stock up on the entertainment. DVDs, and Blu-rays are great for nights in, the latest video game won’t go amiss.

Board games are always a great thing to pack, they offer timeless fun and will be great for getting the fun started.  Other fun ideas:



– iPod or MP3 player

– Tablet

– Magazines

– Swimming trunks – if needed


Other things you might need to bring

Child Teddy Bear

– Creams and lotions

– Sleeping bag – if needed

– Money – in case they’re going out

– Chargers for devices

– Hairbrush/comb

– Pads/Tampons (if you need them)




We hope that this list has made packing their bags for the big night away from home a little easier. Once you have packed you can worry about what you can do with all your free time. Why not get into your dressing gown and have a relaxing night in front of the TV? You deserve a night of chilling out.