Slumber Party: 6 Girls Night In Ideas

If you want some ideas for a badass slumber party just for grown-ups that includes great movies, tons of popcorn and lots of wine, then you’ll want to make sure you’re in something comfy. That’s right, pyjamas are the outfit for a night like this, who can resist a cute and cosy set of pyjamas?

You don’t always have to go out to have a good time. When the cold hits and the thought of waiting for your Uber in the rain can make you wish you stayed indoors. Also if you’re trying to save for your holiday or something you want to buy you don’t want to be out spending loads of money.

Why not set a date in the diary and organise a nightcap with your besties. A girl’s night is an essential ingredient to life. These are your support system when you need to get away when things are good or bad, so it’s good to have some time with the girls or alone time on occasion.

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a get-together with the rest of your friends. If you’re hosting the night, why not make it fun with some adult games and have a night in full of giggles and other shenanigans?


 1. Wine Tasting Nighthenry-fournier-68573

Drinks are a good icebreaker if everyone doesn’t know each other very well. It takes the ease off a bit and allows everyone to mingle. So why not get everyone to bring their own bottle of wine and get out your best wine glasses and sip on it till the early hours. Don’t forget the cheese and crackers to complete this vineyard in your front living room.




2. Book Club Nightbooks

When you manage to steal a little time away for yourself and become absorbed in a book you’re reading, who can you share your thoughts with? Let the girls know what you’re reading so they can pick one up too and have a gathering with some drinks and discuss your favourite character, plot and what else comes to mind. It’s a good time to exchange books incase someone turns up without one. Sharing your love and enthusiasm will excite them to read it too, so you can make it a frequent thing and have time with the ladies as well as reading time on your own.



3. Chick Flick Nightmovies

Who doesn’t love a good chick flick that includes Romeo and Juliet or even something with a bit more spice like Magic Mike? Check our list of the top 9 romantic comedies if you are looking for inspiration.

Once again it’s the perfect occasion to wrap your hair up in a messy bun, get into loose joggers and stretch out on your sofa. Just be sure to let your besties know of the dress code incase they literally do roll out of bed and show up in their home slippers and everyone else is in casual jeans and tees. That would be a little embarrassing.



 4. A Night of Arts & Craftarts & crafts

A bit of art attack is good to get your creativity flowing. Especially for busy mums who haven’t got the time to get away from the kids, this ‘mums breakfast club’ can be a frequent thing to discuss ideas on how to make kids school holidays fun, or even if it’s time for yourself. With Easter just around the corner why not organise a big Easter Hunt game? Each mum can be allocated with a task such as food, drinks, and decorations.




5. Indoor Spa Treatmentnails

How awesome would it be if you were to set up a little spa treatment station in your living room? This can quite easily be done on your coffee table and have all the nail varnish colours, hair products, makeup, snacks and a bottle of bubbly spread out. This stress free night is the perfect treatment for busy mums to get away from the kids for the evening and enjoy the feeling of relaxation in their soft robes.



6. Baking Night Inbaking 2

Got a sweet tooth? Why not make it a baking night and call your girls to help out. A night with all your favorite junk foods like homemade cookies and cupcakes is just what you need. You could also buy a few plain aprons and DIY them with fun chef names like “The Cookie Master,” or “The Baking Queen” in that way everyone can have something to put over their clothes while making a mess in the kitchen.


Now that you have a few ideas to make your girls night in successful, head over to George for the perfect loungewear incase you are in need of some new bits.