Sneaky Solutions to Save You Space

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With autumn upon us, the kids back to school and routines established again, you may be thinking about how to get your home ready for the winter.

For me, the change in season always brings on a desire to tidy up and tidy out. To clear the clutter accumulated over the summer, and to organise things better for the new term.

Busy family life runs more smoothly when things are ordered. Well, it does for us anyway!


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Of course, children inevitably leave behind a wake of toys and dress-up costumes, books, Lego and a million jigsaw pieces.

So how do we mums reclaim our homes again?

The secrets to a tidy home are having plenty of storage and using it well. And the best storage solutions, of course, are beautiful as well as functional.

The sort that you don’t mind having on show, with all the mess and chaos hidden away inside.

George have stylish solutions in their complete storage range. To go with them, here are some top tips on tidying, organising, and keeping the clutter out of sight when visitors call.

In your living space or child’s bedroom…

These lidded baskets are the perfect way to make mess disappear. You can use them for everything from soft toys to soft furnishings, baby blankets to books. In the most chic shades of grey and cream, they’ll blend seamlessly with any colour scheme and look like they’re an intentional addition to your decor. All whilst hiding the clutter!


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For books, magazines and newspapers, the coordinating magazine rack is equally pretty, and the detachable lining is washable too, for those occasions when the kids drop something in there they maybe shouldn’t have. Those raisins and pieces of squashed banana end up everywhere. We all know the story!

In your bathroom…

These little wire baskets are both practical and pretty for storing bath-time odds and ends: cotton wool, soap and candles, for when you get those moments of peace at the end of the day.


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(They also make excellent gifts, filled with little flower cuttings in a jam jar and a scented room sachet. Great if you have to put something together last minute for a play date or birthday.)

In your bedroom…

Lined baskets are also clever for storing fresh or spare bed linen underneath your bed. They’d also make good towel storage if you are setting up a guest room for visitors!


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And use little ones to keep your makeup in order and away from tiny hands. Several together look pretty and can keep jewellery, perfume, brushes and nail polish separate, yet close to hand.

In the utility room or on the porch…

For all your pet’s toys, blankets and grooming products, these wooden crates are invaluable. Sturdy and stylish (and with removable linings!) they keep everything in one place and easy to get to. The industrial look is really on trend too, and perfectly suits those more functional spaces in your home.


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They’d also be brilliant for shoes, wellies and umbrellas in a pantry or boot room.

Regardless of our storage needs this autumn, George definitely has us mums covered.

What’s your favourite piece from the storage ideas range?