Soon To Be Parent Olympics: Part Three

We’ve seen our two parent vloggers fight against the clock to assemble some of the more fiddly baby necessities, including a car seat and the deceptively tricky travel cot, but what will they be up against in their final round? We’ve decided to up the stakes a little further and challenged them to assemble a pushchair.

With Liza and her partner looking like the front runners will Hannah be able to win back some time in this latest challenge? Let’s find out!

Liza achieved a time of 2 minutes 51 seconds: ‘We found challenge three the hardest of them all but despite that I think we did pretty well, and above all we’ve had so much fun putting everything together. We really love the pushchair and can’t wait to pop baby boy in it. There is so much room in the basket and looks super comfortable for little man.’ 

Liza is 35 weeks pregnant with baby boy number two. Aged 26 she is already a mum to little boy Vinny who is almost three years old. She lives with her husband and son in a small seaside town in Devon. She loves blogging about all things beauty, fashion, pregnancy and lifestyle over at

Hannah achieved a time of 3 minutes 1 second: ‘Like the other two challenges, the length of the instructions made the task seem a little daunting. And then when I saw the amount of pieces that needed assembling I thought we might struggle. However, I think I our time of just over 3 minutes is very good considering we’ve never built a pushchair before!’  

Hannah is a first time mum to new twin girls. Aside from being a mum she enjoys playing with her ever-growing make-up collection and cooking up a mess in the kitchen for her friends and family. You can check out her vlog here.  

Even though Liza and her partner have been crowned our winners of the ‘Soon To Be Parent Olympics’ we want to thank both of our soon to be parent vloggers for taking part in our challenge. We hope the little ones enjoy their newly assembled gifts!