Soon To Be Parent Olympics: Part Two

Last week we saw our two vlogger couples grapple with a car seat in the ‘Soon To Be Parent Olympics: Part One’ challenge. They both managed it in under 1 minute 30 seconds and seemed pretty happy with the results, but this time round we’ve decided to make it a little harder. For part two we’ve challenged each of them to assemble something a little more fiddly: a travel cot. Let’s see how each of them got on!

Liza achieved a time of 1 minute 42 seconds: “We are so impressed with how quick and easy it was to assemble the travel cot. Reading the instructions definitely helped make things go a lot smoother as it pointed out a few things we would never have thought to do. I can imagine if we hadn’t have read them then we would have struggled a little. The mattress is also really soft and comfortable for the baby which is lovely as I find travel cots can often be quite uncomfortable for the little ones.”

Liza is 35 weeks pregnant with baby boy number two. Aged 26 she is already a mum to little boy Vinny who is almost three years old. She lives with her husband and son in a small seaside town in Devon. She loves blogging about all things beauty, fashion, pregnancy and lifestyle over at

Hannah achieved a time of 2 minutes 55 seconds: “I was expecting to find putting the travel cot together harder than the car seat as it’s something I was completely new to. But actually it was a lot easier than I expected – even with taking our time we got it up in under 3 minutes. I think we’ll be able to do it a lot quicker next time too!”

Hannah is a first time mum to new twin girls. Aside from being a mum she enjoys playing with her ever-growing make-up collection and cooking up a mess in the kitchen for her friends and family. You can check out her vlog here.