The Statement Jackets You Need This Winter

You might be asking yourself, what is a statement jacket? Simply they are jackets that make a statement about you and your style wherever you go. They are worth spending a little bit extra on because they can be paired with almost anything as well and take your style to a next level of looking fabulously fashionable.

Winter coats are an obvious fashion staple for this time of year, you could wear a standard jacket or decide to use this piece of attire to let people know something about your personality. This season we’re loving bomber jackets and mac coats. But if you really want to add something different to your wardrobe, the big bird faux fur and clashing colours is this year’s fashion trend that will get you noticed. No matter how basic your cable knitted jumpers and jeans are, they add a pop of colour and texture which is sure to have a draw dropping reaction. By adding the statement jacket will completely transform your outfit and give your look some much needed attitude.

What makes an item a statement item depends person to person and the type of message they want people to know about them. It pretty much has the same function as a dress, if it’s good enough to be worn as it is, then keep everything muted so the statement item can shine. They certainly don’t need to be loud and oversized, but can help if that’s the look you are going for. When you look good, you feel good and this positively charms whoever comes in contact with you. Having a great sense of style is about being comfortable and confident that will allow you to pull of anything effortlessly.

Shield yourself from the unforgiving British weather this winter and wrap up warm in a statement jacket that can protect you from the cold and look stylish as ever. You have some choices when it comes to the jacket you want:


Embroidered Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets

The humble bomber jacket can transform your look and that’s exactly what we look for when it comes to statement jackets. Like the beret, bomber jackets were inspired by wartime attire. In World War One, pilots in the cockpit weren’t protected from the elements so needed to wear thick jackets during their flights. The style of jacket was so popular it became a must-have for fashion frenzies. Nothing can beat the original MA1 flight jackets, however modern prototypes are a little more adventurous and girly such as a satin embroidery bomber seen on the lovely Bella Hadid.

Power through the cold in this stylish bombshell. It can be restyled over and over again to suit your wardrobes personality. Whether you’re teaming it up for an athleisure look in your sportswear on your way to the gym or add a cool vibe to your clean cut workwear, bomber jackets are a versatile and important staple of any self-respecting girl’s wardrobe.

Quilted Puffer Jackets

This season there is a new fixation on the quilted puffer coats that is sure to keep the arctic chill out. The unpredictable chic comeback is old school yet fashion forward that will solve all your winter worries. Don’t be afraid of a little bit of volume as a knee length will keep your body fully insulated. For the petite ladies who want to refrain from looking like a Michelin man and keep the feminine appeal, a standard cropped length will cinch nicely at the waist. Bundle up in style in your comfiest jumper, jeans or dresses and long boots or trainers for an everyday look.

Parka JacketsFur Parka.

Parka jackets are believed to have been invented by Caribou Inuits of Canada, who made these warm coats out of seal skin and lined the hoods with fur to add extra protection from the harsh Canadian weather.

Modern parka jackets are certainly a lot more stylish than these early examples and with faux fur they are a lot better for than protecting the environment. They are designed to withstand the cold weather and protect you from rain with their oversized and cosy hoods. You won’t need to worry about carrying a brolly around with you now. While they are practical you can get yourself a bold colour design to go with anything that will sure create a stir when you step outside.

Faux Fur coats

Brave the cold stylishly in a luxurious faux fur coat. From stripes, to animal prints to a shaggy look, a faux fur coat is a must-have this season that will be the only statement item you’ll need to make a statement. They have been popular since the 1930’s and hold a glamorous appeal like seen on Marilyn Monroe, so you’ll definitely want to invest in one that can offer warmth and make your outfits more magnificent and charming.

Natural earthy tones and white snow faux fur is considered mostly for an elegant and classic look, although bold colours are dominating the winter. Strong emerald, brick red or blue-green is fun and adventurous. It’s universal when combined with other items of clothes or shoes and can really turn heads when you’re out and about. Make sure to keep under layers simple whether it’s worn over day or evening dresses, or over your smart work wardrobe.


Clothes are important for expressing yourself and how you choose to do this is up to you. That’s what makes every statement piece unique because how they are used depends on the person. But you should treat it like chilli powder, a little bit is great to add some spice to your look. But too much and you risk ruining the look.

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