Summer Must-Haves For Mini Explorers

Children are always ready for adventure, their endless energy means they want to explore the world all day long. As an adult you’ll want to make sure you’re ready for all the action too and carry items that are quick and easy to pack and reach for. While boundless enthusiasm carries the kids to their next escapade you’d be the unsung hero as you have all the eventualities covered.

Sensible hats at the ready for our list of things that it’s always great to never leave the house without, from your friends at Life and Style. This summer is going to be the time for exciting journeys for the whole family to enjoy.


Road Trips

all in one car seat

Just mentioning ‘road trips’ to many parents will be enough to frighten them to their core. Taking the children on the road for a trip requires iron patience; especially for the longer trips when the inevitable “are we there yet?” questions start flowing. When embarking on a long drive you’ll want to pack kid’s games to make things more bearable for all parties.

Fully charging a tablet for backseat amusement can make a difference. While more traditional entertainment forms like books and board games still work as a good treat. You can pack their favourite toys to ensure happiness levels will at least start out high.

For younger children you’ll need to have a car seat fitted in the back so all children are safely strapped up for long drives. Keep in mind baby seats when hiring a rental car, as they can’t be relied upon to provide these without passing on charging a lot of money.

Aside from this here’s a list of useful things to bring for the little ones:

-Wet wipes

-Travel pillow


-Change of clothes

-Ear plugs

-Emergency cash

-Travel playlist / CDs


Park Adventures

boy playing on beach

Regular trips to the local park provide the ideal way to escape and head to a new zone; children’s imaginations are wonderfully unbounded. What adults see as trees and grass can become a jungle safari in the mind of a mini-explorer.

The night before, check the weather forecast and maybe make some little snacks for the day. As everyone in the UK knows, a sunny day shouldn’t be wasted so get up early to seize the adventure and squeeze as much fun from the day.

When bringing children to the park it’d be wise to pop a few sensible things in your bag:



-Sun hat

-Insect repellent

-Jumper in case of cold snap



-Favourite cuddly toy

City Trips


Take your children on a trip to the city so they can explore attractions and visit the museum. School is great for teaching, but there’s something more memorable about seeing things in reality over hearing about them in class.

There’s plenty of activities taking place throughout the summer to get the little ones out on a big adventure on the town.

For a city adventure here are a few extras that won’t go wasted:

-Packed lunch

-Water bottle


-Train tickets

-Sturdy walking footwear


This list will help you to pack items when travelling on a big adventure with your little explorer. Their imagination has no bounds and exploration should be encouraged to allow reach far and away places.