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How to Burst Colour into Your Garden

The garden is the perfect place to relax with friends and family when the sun is out. In order to make the most of your garden you want it to be bright and welcoming. The best way to create a beautiful garden that induces relaxation and smiles in the sunshine, add a pop of colour across the space for everyone to enjoy. Life & Style lists a few ways on how you can do this.  

Choose The Right Flowers


Some of the most popular flowers in the summer time are lilies, daises, sunflowers and lavenders. When it comes to picking your flowers choose a variety of colours and sizes that will complement each other. An example of this is to create an assortment of white, pink and purple shades but there are no rules when it comes to which combination works best. It will depend on the style and mood you’re going for, so mix different shades that will create a soothing and calming sensation every time you look at it.  

Outdoor Garden Furniture


Camden 3 piece Do you feel your garden furniture is looking a bit dull? Or has the paint on your fence been peeling for a few years now? You can always give your furniture a new paint job in the same or different colour to bring it back to life. There is always the option of replacing it with brand new garden furniture. You might want a 5 piece patio set and throw a barbeque with a few close friends. There will be plenty of room to sit and have somewhere to rest the drinks and food on the table. If you are limited on space there is the option of dotting the garden with colourful woven chairs to give your space a contemporary spin on seating. If you have more than enough room in your garden make a fun space for the kids while the adults enjoy theirs. A folding table and bench can be used to throw a kids tea party and will keep them busy with lots of arts and crafts.

Always check the weather in advance as it could be the perfect day to set up the trampoline and really make full use of the sun.  

Colourful Garden Accessories


Adding accessories is a great way to invite colours to your space and will help bring your garden together. You can create a garden of your dreams where you can escape to for some peace and quiet either from a long day of work, or need time off from parent duties. Think of colours that bring you warmth like lime green, yellow or stone shades. You can focus on a theme and use nautical tones to create a sea view vibe. We all know that the beach is the best escape anyone can have, so why not bring it to your doorstep and decorate your garden furniture with simple additions like cushions, soft throws and outdoor lighting. Have a read of our seaside interior article for more tips and ideas on how to achieve this look.  

Colours On and Off The Ground


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Once you’ve decided which colours you’ll be using for your summer garden you can start visualizing the different ways to arrange them. You can plot them in a line on the ground, have a few in flower pots, or decorate your trellis and have the flowers climbing upwards.

Another great way of lifting the flowers off the ground is using hanging baskets. Nothing looks more beautiful than a hanging basket of pretty flowers in front of any house. Have a few outside your front porch and gate that will enhance your surroundings and dot a few in the back to keep the style consistent.

So now you have the right flowers and furniture to make your garden a space of comfort and entertainment for everyone to enjoy. Take a look at more outdoor garden range for fantastic decorating solutions for your garden.