Christmas decorations

When Should You Take Your Christmas Decorations Down?



Once the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are over its time to look forward to the impending thoughts of returning to work as the holiday blues begin to set in.

We all dread the chore of taking down Christmas trees and decorations you’ve spent ages putting up. Life & Style explores traditions and dates so you get to make the most of the joyful season in high spirits without it dragging on. 

Christmas Decoration

When should your decorations go up?

In the earlier years, trees were bought and decorated on Christmas Eve. Considering the price of them, you might want them hanging around a bit longer than just a few days.

When TV and supermarket adverts begin to promote the festive season is usually a good hint to start dusting off the old decorations and transforming your home. The 1st of December is a good time to put up your Christmas tree and decking your living space with pretty lights and decorations. This is also when you and your kids will open the advent calendar and start counting down to the most anticipated day of the year.

When should your tree decorations go down?

According to traditions, you should take your Christmas decorations down on the 5th of January. This marks the day of the twelfth night which was when the three wise men visited baby Jesus, 12 days after Christmas.

Some superstitious beliefs states that it is bad luck to leave your Christmas trees and decorations up longer

after this date. If so, you’ll have to leave them up until Candlemas Day (2nd February). This is a Christian holiday and celebrates three occasions; the presentation of Jesus, Jesus’ first entry into the temple, and the purification of Virgin Mary.

Either way, when your tree begins to look sad or your home decorations starts to lose its glow is probably when you will want them out of the way.

How to store Christmas decorations?

If you want to save money, you can mix and match old and new decorations for 2017, but make sure they are stored away properly.

Whether it’s going up in the loft or in the shed, it’s worth wrapping up the baubles, ornaments and candles in tissue paper or newspaper. Carefully place them in a watertight plastic storage box as this will protect them from damp and pests.

For the Christmas lights you can try to keep them untangled till the next time you use them. This is probably the most frustrating part but don’t pull out your hair just yet. To keep your lights tangled free, here’s what you need to do.

Stay calm and assess the situation. Put on some music and have a drink on the side as this could be a long winded job. At least you’ll be in a good mood and ready to tackle it hands on.

1. Start on a flat surface and find the end point. Spread them out and loosen your lights as much as you can.

2. If you have an old card board box lying around cut notches along the top and bottom side.

3. Hold one end and start looping the cord around the box so that it’s sitting securely in the notches.

4. Once this is done, you can box them away with the rest of your decorations. This super cheap method is very effective and will make unwrapping your Christmas lights the following year stress free.

If you find old Christmas cards while you’re unpacking you can get them recycled to declutter your shed, donate or even reuse them. Simply remove the back of the card that has writing on it and use the blank side of the inside cover with the art work. You can stick it on a clean piece of card or use it as it is.


To get back to normality, you’ll want to pack away memories and start making new ones for the year. At least it’s good to know you celebrated the festive season with a blast.

With the big day just around the corner now is the time to start buying decorations and give your home a special Christmas glow for the whole family to get together and enjoy. You’ll find everything you need from Christmas trees, decorations to festive homeware and fashion only at George.