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The 1970’s Era Is Back

The 1970’s era is storming its way back onto the high streets and it has never looked better. Whether it’s rocking the denim flares on the dance floor and boogying to disco music, or living the happy life in hippie-chic prints, they are dominating modern day fashion.

Free yourself from coordination and jazz up in the most electric period in the fashion industry. Life & Style look at how you can dress like the 70’s by collecting a few basic essentials.


peasant blouse70’s Top Styles

Floral Blouse

Fashion from the 70’s was all about bright colours, extravagant patterns
and mix of bohemian style. Designs such as paisley prints, multi-coloured chevron stripes, tie dyes or floral motifs were a 70’s sensation.

To achieve this look in the modern day, start from the top and choose a peasant blouse with bell arms. It’s loose and billowy that’s super flattering when paired with dark denim jeans. It’s a simple trick to pull off your 70’s look effortlessly, without doing it from head to toe.

You’ll also love all the flowery details like this bright floral blouse because it’s a springtime given that can be toned down with jeans and saved for your summer wardrobe.


70’s Skirts

A-Line Skirt

With the rise of the hippie lifestyle, skirts were in full swing by the 70’s, which indicated youthfulness in the fashion industry. They were so eccentric that you could even DIY an old pair of jeans – open the inseams and insert different shades of denim or fabrics to create your own skirt and call it vintage. Some were made with lace, fringes, broidery, paint splats and more.

Either way, there’s something about skirts that we just love and that’s liberation. It’s a symbol of freedom; whether short or long, in suede or denim, they ooze femininity and you’ll definitely get a feel of the 70’s era in denim skirts.

The A-line shape and bronze button down the front gives it a huge rockin’ 70’s vibe that’s a timeless wardrobe piece. Its festival friendly and can switch easily to modern and old-fashioned styles by playing with other items like footwear and accessories.

As the weather drops, you’ll be surprised how versatile denim skirts are to keep you warm in the winter. Slip on a pair of tanned knee high boots to capture the cool 70’s vibe.


suede pinafore dressSuede to Touch

tassel bag

You don’t want to look as if you’re off to a fancy dress party when you’re revisiting a period like the 70’s. The trick is to keep it simple with colours, fabrics and accessories that play a big part in getting it right, so that it breathes both current and vintage.

One of the iconic fashion statements of the 70’s is suede. Whether its skirts, a tassel bag, or boots, you’ll want to keep the tones tamed with rustic, tan, burgundy or just black colours.

This suede pinafore dress is versatile for the office or casual days out. Team it with a rusty orange poloneck jumper or a paisley patterned shirt to spread your cool vibes.


Denim on Denim

Jeans are a starting point for an outfit build. If you’re working with the 70’s flare it will be fun to step away from your skinny fits and add a fresh spin to your denim staples. To create this look you can wear it with a denim shirt and boot cut jeans if you want to keep it safe without tripping over wide legs.

Wearing denim on denim is such a simple way to dress 70’s and will look just as cool if you decide to wear fitted loose jeans or a denim skirt. Accessories with a tanned handbag and ankle boots as the mix of denim and camel hues adds a fresh feel.

denim on Denim

With decades of fashion inspiration it’s no wonder we love to go back in time and explore old styles with new trends. It’s fun and shows off your confidence. Luckily the 70’s look will be sticking around for some time, and with these basic items you can mix and match it with your current wardrobe so they’ll always come back in style.