The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home

Kat Molesworth is a photographer, home cook and blogger living in Winchester. She charts family life and documents the recipes of her kitchen on the blog Housewife Confidential. Kat is more often found sharing her colourful world on Instagram as @thatkat.

Kitchen 1

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So many early childhood memories revolve around the kitchen. Sneaking into our larder to explore the shelves packed with ingredients; cuddled up beside my granny’s AGA with a reluctant cat; and watching my brother blow out his birthday cake candles on the kitchen table. I can still conjure to mind the wrinkled blue lino of my childhood home and the creak of the oven door as it opened.

Despite being a reluctant participant in school cooking lessons, it soon became clear that I’d far rather hang out over the stove than head out to a noisy bar. In my first flat-share we’d create elaborate brunches or roasts for our friends every weekend. That feeling of joy when your favourite people are gathered around a table together is hard to beat.

Kitchen 2

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As I grew more confident in the kitchen my shelves began to fill with cookbooks. And as I’d explore new ingredients and cuisines, a whole world of experience opened up before me. The hours I’d spend cooking, testing and preserving passed in a flash and the satisfaction it brought only grew.

When we came to see this house it was the kitchen that sold it to us. The garden is tiny, the rooms are snug and let’s not mention village parking – but the kitchen, oh my! The unexpected space had us make an offer on the spot.

Kitchen 3

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A decade down the line and our kitchen is the beating heart of our home. The table is where our lives take place. Beyond meals and celebrations, it sees the everyday moments which are the true joy of life. From homework to paper aeroplanes, from catching up with good friends to cooking up a storm before Christmas, our kitchen table is rarely quiet.

Kitchen 4

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So I might have to ask the children to clear away their drawings and latest inventions every time we serve a meal, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. A table in a cosy kitchen is a dream come true and I’ll take the hustle of family life that comes with it in spades.