The Soon To Be Parent Olympics: Part One

Becoming parents can be a daunting task not just for the first timers, so we wanted to try and have a little fun with it. We challenged two vlogger couples to take part in our ‘Soon To Be Parent Olympics’ adding a lighthearted twist to those stressful tasks new parents often struggle with. Each couple will have to compete against one another in a series of three challenges, and their first is putting together a car seat. Let’s see how they got on!



Liza achieved a time of 53 seconds: “I found installing the car seat super quick and easy. My husband used to put our son’s car seat in the car for me when he was small and I always found it quite daunting, but this time round I feel confident and happy to install it on my own for baby number two!”


Liza is 35 weeks pregnant with baby boy number two. Aged 26 she is already a mum to little boy Vinny who is almost three years old. She lives with her husband and son in a small seaside town in Devon. She loves blogging about all things beauty, fashion, pregnancy and lifestyle over at



Hannah achieved a time of 1 minute 22 seconds: “It’s daunting becoming a parent for the first time, there’s so much to learn and take in. Luckily the car seat didn’t give us too much of a challenge and we managed to fit it in without too much hassle. I’m sure in no time at all we’ll have it mastered to perfection!”


Hannah is a first time mum to new twin girls. Aside from being a mum she enjoys playing with her ever-growing make-up collection and cooking up a mess in the kitchen for her friends and family. You can check out her vlog here.