How to Throw a Great Baby Shower

A baby shower is the best way to celebrate the arrival of a newborn baby boy or girl into the world. It is time to show your appreciation to the expecting mother as she prepares to start a new chapter.

Presents are a big part of the celebration. It is called a baby shower because you are expected to shower the mother and child with gifts; time to get the purse out! Typically a close friend of the family organises the event, which may seem daunting.

Don’t worry, help is at hand. Lorraine Bramley of Online Mummy is here to offer expert advice for the big day.


Organising the Baby Shower


There is no “right” time to throw the party. People usually wait until the latter stages of the pregnancy, to be sure that all is well with the baby. It should come as a welcome relief to the mother from the usual  morning sickness and sore feet!

There’s nothing wrong with throwing the party after the baby has been born. The advantage of this is  that everyone will know the sex of the newborn and can buy presents accordingly. Plus the mother can  ditch the maternity clothes and have a couple glasses of fizz.

The first most important step is ensuring your main guests are available for the date in question. Ensure  that you allow plenty of time for your friends and family to respond and by using scheduling tools will make organising large groups easier. This will enable you to see everybody’s availability, allowing you to select the best date with ease.

Lorraine adds, “Alongside making sure everyone is available, it can be a nice idea to keep it a secret from the mother to be. Nothing beats a surprise baby shower!”


Where should we have the Baby Shower?

baby shower party

“I think this really depends on if the mother to be is going to know about the baby shower or have it as a surprise. One of the expectants’ parents may like to host the shower but most of the time I feel like it’s the best friend that will host it at their house.

However, hiring somewhere is a lovely idea and you could make it more of a weekend treat this way. Maybe have the shower on the Saturday and some spa treats on the Sunday,” says Lorraine.




What gift should I buy?

baby gifts

The big question. As long as you approach the gift-buying with thought and love, your contribution is  likely to be appreciated. Some of the best gifts are the ones that show genuine love; such as homemade blankets for the baby or items that hold sentimental value, like something the mother had as a baby.

Lorraine’s advice – “Depending on how much you want to spend there are so many options for  wonderful baby shower gifts. In my experience it’s nice to give clothes, a photo frame, a trinket box to  keep baby’s first lock of hair in or something silver like a music box.”

Practical presents for the newborn are also an option. George have a great selection of clothes for baby boys and girls. Keep in mind they will be growing fast, so it might be better to buy clothes a few sizes up.


What snacks should I bring?


Don’t overthink this one, especially if the party takes place at a hired venue as there could be food provided.

“See what everyone else brings and work with them to make sure you have lots of aspects covered. Things such as finger sandwiches, fruit (chocolate covered strawberries always go down well).” Are Lorraine’s suggestions in the food department.

Also, simple, classic party food always goes down a treat. You shouldn’t deliberate for hours on the party food. The mother and baby are the real things to be thinking about. Keep it simple.

Final food advice from Lorraine – “DON’T forget the cake!”

What are the best party games?

friends 2

The fun bit. Games are tradition and there are loads of baby shower games you will no doubt love. Here  are a few of our favourites:

 Play-Doh Babies
Great icebreaker. Each guest is given a ball of Play-Doh and has five minutes to sculpt a baby. Dodgy art  skills always bring people together through laughter.

 Don’t Say Baby
A simple game. At the start of the shower each person has five clothes pegs clipped to their clothes.  Saying the word “baby” is banned. For every violation a person has a peg removed. The winner is the person at the end with the most pegs.

 Alphabet Baby Book
Print out ABC colouring sheets with animals. Between them, the guests colour in the sheets which are then laminated and made into a book for the baby.

 Lorraine’s suggested games:

 Filling the blanks
A game our guests always enjoyed was ‘filling in the blanks’. This is where you have a list of questions  (ours was lines from nursery rhymes) and you have to fill in the words that have been left blank. You can  do this with so many different things such as songs, lines from movies and more.

Put the nappy on the baby
Blindfold the players, spin them round and then get them to put a nappy on a doll. The quickest wins (as long as the nappy is on correctly). Alternatively, you could play this ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ style.

Drinking from a baby bottle
Pretty self-explanatory, fill some baby bottles with a beverage and see who can drink it the quickest. Using bottles with teats can make it a little more tricky and super fun.

George have a great selection of items that will make any baby shower great. Currently there is an offer of Spend £30 and Save 20% Spend £30 and Save 20% on many newborn essentials like hooded towels and pillows.

The baby shower is a special day for you as the friend of the mother and the mother herself. Things might change over time with a little one on the way, but the baby shower is the perfect time to show your appreciation.