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The Timeless Appeal of Wooden Toys

When you’re buying cuddly teddy bears, do you ever find yourself reminiscing of the very first toy you ever played with? It may not have been soft and fluffy, or as advanced as a control car bashing into your furniture making loud sirens noises. They are aesthetic and timeless wooden toys that you can add to your toddler’s collection. Wooden toys are a classic throwback that has something nostalgic about them. Let’s go back in time and found out.

In the olden days, wooden toys were carved into miniature versions of the tools of survival like axes and clubs. It was only up until the 19th century the mass production of wooden toys kicked off, which meant more children could play with them. Wooden toys have been popular ever since and are now a staple of children’s play.

For many parents, they spark fond memories of their own childhood. If you still have yours, you’ll notice that it has the same classic feel. They last longer and have been passed down in families for generations, which gives them priceless sentimental value. With wooden toys you already know how amazing they are to encourage imaginative play that will help expand young minds and develop a wide range of skills.

At George Asda you can find a great selection of lovingly-crafted wooden toys that will bring joy into their playtime as well as grow with your little tod’s need.


Wooden Dolls House

dolls house George’s range of wooden dolls house have been beautifully crafted in high-quality wood with childproof edges. Featuring a range of furnished and unfurnished dolls houses in many different sizes.

It will take your child away to a fantasy land where they can role-play family life in a house of their dreams!





Wooden Train Set

wooden train set

Wooden train set offers traditional fun in the form of a fully functional wooden railway. Perfect for boys and girls who are mad about trains. They can now create their own mini version of Thomas the Tank Engine.

From beautifully crafted train sets that contains 90 pieces that are essential for bringing the railway to life, to smaller train sets that light up, these are prefect sets for entertaining the entire family. After all, you can’t run a successful railway alone.



Rocking Horse

rocking horseA ride on this super-soft rocking horse is a wonderful experience for your child. Imagination will come alive atop this noble steed. The horse even makes realistic sounds that will no doubt, enhance the experience.

Featuring a lovely design and cute face, the Rocking Horse will capture your child’s heart and be a source of love and companionship for years to come.




Wooden Blocks

wooden blocks

This is another classic. Wooden blocks are the sort of puzzle young children adore. Watch their faces light up as they solve the puzzle to reveal a smiling Zebra, or even an elephant. Children are so creative that you will see them come up with animals that you didn’t even imagine were possible. There is no wrong way to solve this puzzle.

This bright, colourful brick puzzle is perfect for animal lovers and will get their creative juices flowing. It is the perfect gift to encourage early learning.



Wooden toys have been a staple of childhood since forever. They encourage creative thinking at an early age and are universally loved. We have a great selection of classics to choose from on our website and we know your child will love them.