Top Five Office Party Looks

We all love a good party, but the office party can be a tricky one.

You want to let your hair down and have a good time, but you still need to maintain professionalism around your colleagues. Getting your outfit right is a key element in making your office party work for you.

Here are our top five office party looks:


Top-to-toe sequins are great for Saturday nights out with friends, but you might not want to sparkle like a disco ball at your office party. Embellished dresses, like this one, have just the right amount of sparkle and the swishy chiffon overlay cuts a classy dash on the dance floor.

Top tip: If the party is straight after work, don’t forget to pack your make-up essentials in the morning

office party 1

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A patterned panel dress can take you straight from boardroom to bar. The animal print on the Animal Jacquard Panel Dress at George is toned down to work-friendly levels with the dark colour. While the classic shift shape and on-the-knee length mean it won’t raise any eyebrows at the water cooler. Just swap your sensible work shoes for some skyscraper heels or strappy sandals and you’ve got a party look that’s animal magic.

Top tip: Ditch the dark tights for the office party – sheers or bare legs look more glamorous

office party 2

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An A for A-line

A-line skirts are having a fashion moment, and make a fun change from your usual work pencil or suit skirt. We’ve got A-lines of every description at George, but leather-look and suedette are especially party-perfect. A simple blouse keeps the look sleek and smart enough for your boss to see you in – top marks.

Top tip: It can be easy to get carried away at an office party. Have a taxi or lift already arranged for a set time

office party 3

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If you wear dresses every day to work, you might feel more party ready in something completely different, like a trendy jumpsuit. Choose a classic look, like this black jumpsuit, and it doesn’t have to be a fashion flash in the pan. Just add heels!

Top tip: Zip fastenings (or pull-on) are more convenient than button-up on a jumpsuit

office party 4

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A Stylish Shirt

A shirt is always going to look smart and stylish, plus you’ll get loads more wear out of it than a party dress. Go for something fun like a printed or floral shirt and wear with slim-leg black trousers and heels. After the party your new shirt will work tucked into a pencil skirt for the office, or with jeans on weekends.

Top tip: If you’re worried about walking into the office party alone, why not arrange to meet the colleague you’re friendliest with beforehand and turn up together?

office party 5

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Choose a George look that’s both party-ready and professional and, whatever the gossip the next day, rest assured it won’t be about your outfit!