Child in Halloween costume with balloons

Top Ten Guide for Halloween

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We love Halloween in our house. It’s the day before my little girl’s birthday, so it’s always an exciting time and the older she gets (she’s five this year), the more she enjoys it.

There are so many Halloween products to pick from these days; some are just for fun, some are practical and some really make the whole experience.


Little girl with Halloween balloons


George sell an enormous range of products, so all those areas are covered. But today I’m sharing my top ten with you, to help you pick out the best quickly.

So, first up, and I would probably say most important, are the fancy dress costumes. George sell costumes for all the family, and their kid’s selection ranges from cuddly monster outfits to spooky skeletons.

Then there is the range of accessories that you can use either to complement a costume or to help you look dressed up without much effort. A real favourite of mine from this section are the inflatable wings. They come with a battery pack and at the flick of a switch the wings inflate in seconds, then stay inflated thanks to a little fan at the bottom. You can hide them behind your back so it appears as if they are coming out of nowhere. George sell them for adults and kids so your whole family can impress this Halloween.

Another essential (for any occasion) is balloons. You can buy helium canisters as well as choose from a huge range of balloons, for either helium or CO2 (the ones you blow up with your mouth). We love the Jack Skellington Orbz featured in the photos above, they stay inflated for 2-3 weeks too.

If you are looking for more inflatable fun then the pumpkin punch balls (also in the photo above) were a hit with the kids. I can remember my dad buying me these at fairs when I was little, so I was pretty excited to give them a go too.

If you are going trick or treating then buckets are a useful way to store all the treats, at not much cost. Equally, if you are staying in and handing out the treats these big cauldrons are useful for putting all the sweets and treats in.

Pumpkin shaped Halloween bucket


If you’re having a party then you will find decorations for any theme. We are huge Day of the Dead fans in this house and George also have a good range for that.

Day of the Dead decorations


Glosticks are fun all year round, but are even better in the autumn / winter as it gets dark early. We also love these glow-in-the-dark moustache shapes.

 Glow in the dark wall decorations


Halloween lights make great decorations for window sills. The kids are currently using these mini pumpkin ones as nightlights too, so they can be handy even after Halloween is over.

Take your light-up decor one step further with a wall projector, a cool way to make a party more fun, especially for the kids. It looks like a lightbulb (but made of plastic), and there is a spinning circle inside that projects images of bats and other Halloween shapes onto the walls.

Pumpkin string lights


When it comes to pumpkins, I don’t like using real candles as I think they are a bit dangerous, so LED candles make a great alternative. We’ve also used glo sticks before, but LED candles are better as you can change the batteries.

And finally, the treats. If you didn’t want to go for sweets or chocolate then George have a huge selection of alternatives such as a stickers and tiny toys.

We are all rather excited about Halloween now. The evening always brings back lots of memories for me, as I was at home having contractions while my OH was opening the door to trick-or-treaters. My screams must have made the experience a whole lot scarier!