Baby Toys

Toys for Tots

Babies and toddlers are discovering the world every waking second. They learn through, all five of their senses as their brains develop and they become more conscious of their surroundings. Play is an important part of this process, so finding the right toy for them may seem challenging initially.

You will want to ensure the toys that will grow with your little one and become beloved staples of their childhood.

Play is an important time for babies and toddlers to practise and develop news skills at their own pace. Keep this in mind when making the selection, toys for babies and toddlers are essentially educational aides.

Reward their curious minds by purchasing bright, colourful and friendly playthings. Different textures, sounds and lights are also great; they present vibrant and varied objects that will no doubt bring a smile to the face of your little ones. Bright colours are eye-catching and also help their vision to develop.

Here are a few of the toys that you could consider for aiding the development of your tots.

Baby ToyBall Games

Ball games are great for fostering hand – eye coordination, a valuable life skill, especially if you have dreams of your little ones turning into athletes of the future. Start working on these invaluable skills early with an eye on the 2036 Olympic Games!

Colourful ball games are great for colour recognition, and your tots will pick up the differences in tones as they play. Encourage movement and giggles with these toys; it’s fun to get involved during play time. Get them active from an early age.



Activity Toys

Water Toy

Activity toys are another great toy that are adored by babies and toddlers. They are colourful
and fun to inspire fascination and wonder. Performing actions will cause one reaction, while another will cause something else to happen.

This stimulation will transfix little minds as they grow and learn about the world; keeping them happy and engaged during this play time. Many of these toys will encourage your little one to explore touch and sound; two very important (and fun) senses to discover! They will cackle with joy as they discover the different sounds that they can make during play time.

These interactive activity toys encourage exploration of the world with little feet and hands. They’re worth getting just to watch your tots giggle as they explore the toys.


Baby Book


One thing we would always encourage, is for parents is to read to children from a young age. Even newborns benefit in a number of ways from being read to. Firstly, this is precious one on one time; which is beneficial even when they aren’t able to understand the meaning of the words. Babies are like sponges and will pick up on the rhythm, tones and inflections of your voice as your read. Research shows that the more words a baby is exposed to the better prepared they are to start reading on their own.


In terms of adventure there is nothing better than reading together, you can literally travel anywhere in the world through the magic of a spellbinding book. Nursery rhymes are always a safe bet for reading to young children, they love the repetition and rhyme. Plus they are great to sing along together.

Awaken a lifelong love for reading in your children and they will soon come to link these good times with reading. Choose vibrant and exciting stories to capture their imaginations early and a love of books will never leave them.


Explore George’s great selection of specially designed baby and toddler toys that will not only bring hours of amusement; but also help the development of little ones. They are learning about the world so help them out with some stimulating toys that you can both enjoy.