Hello Healthy You

Some people choose straight after Christmas to try and keep fit and eat healthily, others use the summer as their motivation and then some just pick a day and decide to go for it.

Whatever the time and your reason to get healthier, we’re here to help with our tips on the must-have fab fitness wear and kitchen accessories to make cooking up a healthy storm easier.

Fab Fitness

Top up your healthy eating regime with some exercise – even a little bit every week can be great. Our fab fitness clothing range has sports vests, leggings, trainers and even socks for whatever activity you choose to take part in. Jump to it and take a peak now!


Best Blenders

Whether you choose to blend up a soup or smoothie, you’ll need a blender. In a hurry in the morning? Our handheld blenders are a quick and easy option for purees, soups and shakes, while our standalone blenders are great for mixing up large batches, which can then be frozen – think healthy sauces, soups and smoothies.


Just Juicers

Want to just blend and go? Consider a juicer that mixes straight into a sports bottle, which can be taken with you as soon as you’ve made that smoothie or juice. They are also great for making sure that you blend up just the right amount for you, reducing waste and making sure you stick to your portion sizes.