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The way we choose our dinner sets is the way we would our sofas or those perfect cushions. They aren’t just for serving food, they’re about style and personality. So what does your dinner set say about you?

Find out with our top three fun examples.


This black and gold rimmed dinner set is chic and striking. If you have this set you’re probably a lover of travel. Your home is a haven of everything you’ve collected on various journeys, or there’s nods in the various colours and cushion textures you’ve used.



This butterfly print dinner set is cute and pretty. If this is your fave you probably like the sweeter things in life and this look is reflected in the rest of your home. White walls are decorated with simple prints and photos, while soft pastel colours are the basis for cushions, throws and chair seat covers. It’s all about creating a sense of vintage chic.



You can’t go wrong this plain dinner set, accentuated with scalloped edging says you’re a family person at heart. You may love nothing more than spending time with loved ones, whether that’s watching a film or taking a walk and a Sunday lunch is a must. Your home may be covered with gorgeous photos and decorated in natural hues and furnishings.