4 Types Of Panties Every Woman Should Own

There are essential pieces of fashion that belong in every woman’s wardrobe like comfortable flats you wear to and from work, or the perfect white t-shirt that can be layered up or worn simply with your favourite pair of jeans. But what is left out are those feet warming socks and the frilly figure hugging underwear which are the foundation to every outfit.

Underwear and socks are the items of clothing you wear most and probably think least about as they often go unnoticed. They are just as important as the rest of your wardrobe and shouldn’t be left as an afterthought when it’s actually the first thing you put on your body. Finding the right pair of undies to go with the right coloured bra can really impact your mood first thing in the morning.

The same goes for your everyday socks. It can certainly dampen your spirit if you were to stick your feet in and find your toe point out the other end, or even if you were to find the underwire is poking out of your bra and have missing hooks. This is when you should think about replacing them, it will be worse if someone was to catch you in them, so better to save yourself the embarrassment.

Life & Style will explore the world of panties and the most common styles you must-have in your draw for everyday to special days. So it’s time to throw out your old undergarments ladies and get a fresh look that you can secretly parade around.


1. Cute And Comfy Boy Shorts

cute and comfy 2

These sound masculine and yes they have been modelled after men’s boxers. They are hipster shorts and serve the same function as your thongs by disguising any lines that may show through your clothes so you don’t have to feel conscious of VPL. Many women love these because of its versatility. You can wear them under flowy dresses, boyfriend jeans or as an athletic gear.

If you’re not hitting up Valentine’s Day with a special someone, you can enjoy a slumber party with your besties in these boy shorts as they can also be worn around the house as loungewear for nights like this.


2. Can’t Go Wrong With Thongs 

thongs for all occasions

This little wonder is sure to add sass and a hell of a lot of sexiness so you’re feeling fabulous from the moment you dress after your shower. It’s definitely the most favourite and number one style in the panty line collection. It’s the one you’ll grab to feel feminine for those tight skirts or figure hugging dresses on nights out as it provides no coverage to the bum, which means no panty lines in sight.

As for Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with a lace lingerie set. It’s pretty and will definitely make your partner smile in the bedroom.




3. Briefs For Full Coverage

briefs got you covered

Depending on the style you go for, these high cut panties have made a comeback from the 1980s and is an easy way to achieve that vintage look with very little effort. They’re very much in trend that comes in outerwear and beachwear styles as seen on many celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and J-lo.  It’s flattering and feminine and make a pretty addition to your everyday outfits when you go for colourful options.

On the not so flattering side, they provide full coverage and are referred to as ‘granny pants’. They may not be the most attractive underwear but there is no shame in wearing them as they are so comfortable. However, because they reach your belly button, they’re not the most practical to wear with low-rise jeans or skirts. Limit them for days when you wear high-waisted skirts for work, or casual mom jeans on the weekend, and most importantly that time of the month for extra comfort.





4. Cute Mini Bikini Briefs 

falttering and fun briefs

These cute mini briefs are a flattering fit as they naturally model the shape of your bikini line. They’re constructed in a triangle shape in the front and back and provide just the right amount of coverage while still looking sexy.

It’s definitely what’s underneath that counts so if you’re choosing a bikini brief lingerie set for Valentine’s Day, you have two options: bikini and string bikini. The difference between the two is the width of the side, so by choosing a string style with a matching bra will show off your lady curves and will not fail to satisfy your partner for a night of fun.


You’ll want to make sure you put comfort above all and choose underwear in a fabric that feels good on your skin. Have a mixture of pretty floral laced knickers and a pack of monochrome multipack briefs that will become a firm favourite of yours for everyday. This will add a feminine touch to your lingerie collection and will come in handy for special occasions or when you want to feel great. It’s not always about who sees it but how it makes you feel.

Head over to George to find a style that will offer practicality as well as skim your assets beautifully for everyday wear and special date nights, when you’re in the mood for a bit of romance.