Vlogger Series: Holiday Packing

With summer almost upon us it can only mean one thing – that holiday you have been dreaming of is just around the corner! Holiday planning, organising and packing all adds to the excitement whilst counting down the days to boarding that plane or hopping in the car.

I’ve been challenged by George to put together my top tips when it comes to holiday packing. My starting point is always my holiday list that I turn to every year, which has been with me through many years of traveling. You can find your own packing list through a simple online search and then just amend it to suit your travel destination and the size of your family. Once you have that list you are set to start the sorting process. I have a holiday wardrobe that I add to each year so I will always start by going through this and then deciding what new summer clothes I need to add to the pile.

To fold or roll? That is the next question! Once you’ve got your holiday wardrobe sorted it’s time to pack. I like to go with the fold and roll technique as I find this decreases wrinkles as well as increases space. I also like to make sure clothes are protected from any unwanted spillages by using cling film to help seal caps. To do this you simply unscrew the lid of a lotion or potion, cover the opening of the bottle with cling film and then replace the cap. It’s not only simple but also keeps clothes safe! Shoes also double up as a safe place for any breakable objects such as perfume bottles, and of course saves space too.

Tune into my video below to see what other packing tips I have up my sleeve.


Rebecca Meldrum

Rebecca is a mum to two little ladies, a tea drinker and adventurer. She writes a parenting and lifestyle blog, and uploads daily vlogs to YouTube. You can watch her YouTube channel Mrs Meldrum here.