What Does Your Skirt Say About You?

Wearing skirts that are fun, flirty and girly can instantly lift your mood. When it comes to choosing the right skirt for day to occasional wear, the length is a great clue that can tell us a lot about your sense of style and where you’re off to.

Whether you’re a glam girl that adores full long skirts, the career pencil skirt kind of girl, or short and fun loving, skirts are essential wardrobe staple pieces every women should have no matter what length.

For Short Fun Huns

The rise of miniskirts spread in the ‘swinging sixties’ and carried a young, fun loving vibe that shouted ‘I’m going to show off my legs while I can.’ It’s not a choice that will go down well for work unless you’re working in a relaxed environment. However you can still embrace your legs with a bit of mixing and styling.

A good example is the skater skirts. This is a wardrobe favourite that is easy to wear, flattering for all body shapes and looks great for different occasions. If you want to feel feminine without wearing something figure-hugging; a skater skirt will add a chick kick to help you feel cute, girly and comfortable all day long.

Whether you wear yours with a cropped or full length knitwear, a pretty sheer blouse or a tucked in turtleneck jumper, you can create many different looks depending on your personal style.

Skater Skirt

Work Hard, Look Good

The longer skirts are very much in this winter and can be worn by everyone. It’s a tran-seasonal wardrobe essential that can revive your summer look and breathe freshness into your winter collection. It isn’t a crime to wear skirts during this time of the year as long as you style it appropriately with jumpers, boots and coats and jackets to stay extra snug and look girly.

Not only that, midi skirts are a staple for many professional women’s wardrobe. They are very ladylike and often paired with a smart suit blazer in a corporate environment. So if you want to switch up your work attire, a conservative length makes it suitable to wear and shows you are in serious work mode.

Midi Skirt

Classic Denim skirts

Denim skirts are the perfect piece to follow the 70’s trend. They’re hip, trendy and work well for seasonal transitions. Just like your everyday jeans, you have more options when you team up your denim with simple tees, jumpers, cardigans, trainers, heels or boots.

One of the ways to wear this is to go for a bohemian look by tucking in a floral blouse. This looks great for the summer and chilled days without looking like you tried too hard.

Denim Skirt


 The great thing about skirts is that they are not a one-off season wonder. Whatever fabric, length and style, you can keep on-trend with George’s collection to nail the effortless look for all seasons and occasions.