What’s Going In My Gym Bag

If your New Year’s Resolution involves signing up for a gym membership, get yourself off to a running start with a kit that you’ll want to show off. Sweating it out in a pair of old leggings and a vest top that’s been lurking in the back of your wardrobe since summer isn’t going to make you feel good about the new, fitter you, so invest in some gym clothes and kit that you’ll look and feel fantastic in.


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Here’s what to put on your sporty shopping list:

Well-Fitting Trainers

Trainers are an essential piece of gym kit for most forms of exercise – pilates, yoga and swimming are three exceptions but you’ll need sensible sports shoes for running, most classes and work on the machines. A trainer with breathable mesh or fabric panels will ensure that you stay light on your feet and will stop those trainer socks from getting too sweaty. Getting the right fit is essential, so make sure you try before you buy. At George we have a 100 day satisfaction guaranteed returns policy, meaning you can buy online with confidence.

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Supportive Sports Bra

Ladies, whatever the size of your bust, it’s important not to skimp on the sports bra. Good support is crucial, especially during high impact exercise like running. There’s no need for a good sports bra to be ugly-looking though! At George we’ve got a gorgeous selection of colours, prints, zip fronts and more to choose from. If you’re brave enough, you can even wear our too-good-to-hide sports bras on their own.

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Exercise-Appropriate Clothing

Before splashing out on your outfits for the gym, consider what type of exercise you’ll be doing the most of. For example, lycra leggings are suited to running and cycling activities, while soft jogging bottoms are better for yoga, pilates and many dance classes. You also want to be comfortable and confident in your workout clothes, so if you think you’ll feel self-conscious in tight fitting vest tops and shorts, go for something a little looser like a cute slogan t-shirt over leggings instead.

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Comfy Cover-Ups

If you’re planning on making road running, hiking or another outdoor activity part of your workout schedule, you’re going to want some weather appropriate cover-ups such as warm zip-up fleeces and waterproof jackets – especially for the first few months of the year! If you’re likely to stick to indoor gym and class based workouts only, a comfy hoody is ideal for throwing on after your session.

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Athletic Accessories

The right accessories can make all the difference to your comfort during a workout. For example, a headband will keep hair and sweat off your face, as well as keeping earphones in place. You should also stock up on some cushioned sole trainer socks, which will make you feel like you’re walking – or, hopefully, running – on air!

Make getting fit a New Year’s Resolution that you’ll actually enjoy keeping and pack that gym bag with clothes that you’ll be dying to get in the gym and show off!

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