Winterise Your Summer Wardrobe

For many people winter means packing their entire summer wardrobe away and bringing out the winter clothes. If you feel your dresses haven’t had enough exposure during the hot months, you’ll be glad to know they’ll be sticking around for a bit longer to shed some brightness on cold and grey days.
Life & Style will show how you can get creative to make your summer frocks and tops work throughout winter.

Leg Warmers

You won’t need to make room for this as they’re already one of your staples so probably have loads in your underwear draw. Unless you want something a bit more stylish to make a fashion statement, leggings and tights will become your best friend this winter.
Wearing thick opaque leggings that are insulated may be better for colder days. You can wear them under summer dresses, denim shorts or skirts if you like to show off your legs without having to sacrifice fashion. Black on black is totally chic so pull on some long or ankle boots so you can step out into the cold in style.


Summer-To-Winter Dresses

So now that you have the bottom half of your summer winter wardrobe covered, it’s time to look at some styles for over layering. Remember your favourite little black dress you wore on a beautiful sunny day then on a night out? Grab for it again and boldly wear it under a sweater or with an oversized cardigan.
Choose colours that complement each other. For chillier days a solid black oversized jumper will tone down your floral mini skirt or dress as it peeks from under, adding a cute factor to a relaxed look. Your summer outfits can work as an ideal base and look great when you layer it properly with different tones and fabrics to give it a snug and wintery look.

Summer-To-Winter Tops

Lately, the 90’s style has made a comeback such as the shirt under the dress and top look. So if you have spaghetti camisoles from the summer, don’t bury them yet. Be smart and restyle it by wearing plain t-shirts or long sleeve tops underneath. The great thing is that it will still have the same flow like it did in the summer and you can experiment with bright colours by toning it down with a darker tops.
If you want a few more options, this year velvet lace camisoles are so in. Go for a few sizes up so you can wear your thicker knits underneath.

No Chills Winter Jackets

You’ll want to wear a coat to keep the chill out. It may cover your outfit but better to stay warm than freeze to death. Oversized jackets are in and will give you enough room to wear thick knitwear’s underneath. You can stay on trend with parka coat styles that can be dressed for a cool tomboy to a feminine look. Or a clean cut tailored coat to smarten up your work wear or add elegance to your night out. However you decide to wear it, it will upgrade your favourite summer items and casual dresses as well as keep wrapped up warm.




Acessorise For Final Touches

Add personal touches to your day to day outfits with accessories. Go for neutral colours that will go with many outfits. If you’re worried you won’t be warm enough for the winter, there’s nothing like a chunky knit scarf that will keep you snug. Keep your fingers toasty with cute gloves and matching beanie hats or earmuffs that will become a staple for your winter wardrobe.
Dark lipstick for fall and winter will add character to your face and it’s also decorative for the festive season.
It’s easy to combine your summer and winter wardrobe with a few key pieces which you can find at George so you’re kitted out whatever the weather.