Year In Review: 13 Worst Fashion Trends of 2015



Naturally we love fashion at George, and trends can really lift an outfit and be great fun to play with. However, not all fashion trends are good fashion trends. We take a look at the ugly, the unwearable and the downright done-to-death trends of 2015 that we’re really glad to see the back of!

Chunky Flatforms

We get the idea behind the flatform – you can add height without any of the discomfort of a heel. However, you also miss out on that leg-lengthening rise that you get with heels that can transform legs from on the short side to supermodel-esque in seconds. They also look clumpy and, dare we say, pretty ugly. We’re happy to walk away from this trend.


Via Megan N

Sports Luxe

Thanks to Kanye and friends, 2015 was the year that ‘sports luxe’ exploded, making it perfectly acceptable to wear your activewear without the intention of doing a single scrap of exercise. While we all love wearing our soft joggers around the house – and even on the school run or to the shops – we draw the line at cotton comfies for nights out.

trends 2_1

Via Kaggy G

Tiny Micro Bags

We’re fans of bags of all sizes at George – as long as they actually fit the description of ‘bag’ i.e. you can put things inside them. And the list of ‘things’, even when whittled down for a night out, can be long. Micro bags with no room for your purse, phone, lipstick, keys, spare tights, diary, umbrella, powder, mirror, hairbrush and mini can of hairspray are clearly of no use to anyone. Swap for a just-the-right-size cross body bag instead.

trends 3_1

Via Pam Bluemel

Slogan Tees

We welcomed cute and comfy slogan tees with open arms at the start of the year. But now constantly having to read people’s clothing has got tiresome, and we already get our fill of inspirational quotes on instagram. Plus, we’re seeing a lot of passive aggressive (or just plain aggressive!) slogans, which never give a great first impression.


Via Wendy Pope

Emoji Prints

Hot on the heels of the slogan tee is the cartoon emoji print. We’ve seen it on T-shirts, jumpers and even leggings and trousers, but now’s the time to stop with the smiley faces and switch off from emoji prints. LOL.

emoji prints_1

Via Morwenna

Off the Shoulder

In theory we love this trend. Who wouldn’t want to look like Bridget Bardot in an elegant, off the shoulder dress or top? Unfortunately it’s a trend that looks better than it feels. In other words, having to constantly fiddle with your outfit to keep it in the correct place is no fun. Neither is the alternative, which is keeping your arms clamped down to your sides at all times.


Via Cheryl Jennings


Fringing was big in 2015 – and at first glance, what’s not to like? It seemed like an easy way to add a bit of boho chic/rockstar cool to outfits. However, there’s one main issue with fringing – and that’s tangling! Having to spend an hour untangling your top or jacket before you can wear it is something we haven’t got time for!


Via Rachel-Kate Monaghan

One Earring

The one earring trend (or single, statement earring, in fashion speak), seen on the lovely Emma Watson and Gwyneth Paltrow, harks back to the 80s – and as far as we’re concerned it can stay there for good!


Via The Best Fashion Blog


From the 80s to the 90s now, dungarees were back with a bang last year. While we appreciate the cute look on trendy teens, we found dungarees hard enough to get away with the first time around. Heck, even the two Kylies (Minogue and Jenner) have struggled to make their dungers look good!


Via Poppy Wolff

Mullet Skirts

In case you’re not up on your trend lingo, a mullet skirt is one that’s far shorter at the front than at the back (of course!). We enjoyed swishing around in them during spring/summer 15 but, as with the hairstyle, we won’t be pushing for a revival this year.


Via Lorraine Smith

Ultra-Distressed Denim

2015 was the year when distressed denim went to a ‘hole’ other level – literally – with giant holes being cut into jeans to create something resembling a pair of daisy dukes with some extra material warming the legs beneath the knee. It’s a no from us.


Via Hana Banana


Ok, we’ll hold our hands up to having loved the onesie trend. And we’re definitely at our cosiest when zipped into our warmest winter nightwear. However, we’re drawing the line at wearing onesies out of the house – that’s just taking the trend one step too far!


Via Sophie Baker-Jeffery


They’re one of the comfiest, easiest to throw on, most versatile clothing options going, so dare we suggest that leggings have had their day? Why not swap yours for some of the super stretchy Wonderfit jeans at George instead? You’re guaranteed to feel more put together in an instant, and they’re just as comfy, we promise!


Via Bethel Clark

Like the legwarmers, ‘hipster’ jeans and SATC-style tutus of previous years, we’re glad to say goodbye to these trends of 2015 and look forward to welcoming in the fun fashion fads of the New Year. We’ve got 70s suede, check skirts, pussybow blouses and embellished bags at the ready at George, so you can be trending for all the right reasons in 2016!