Discover 5 easy ways to get fit for summer

5 ways
To Get Fit
For Summer

Looking to get into shape for summer? Get ready to put fitness first with our guide! Featuring tips and tricks for ticking off your goals, including go get ‘em gym clothing and fuss-free food ideas, you’ll be reaching your potential before you know it.

1. Step Out In Stylish Sportswear

If there’s one thing that’s going to motivate you to get fit for summer, it’s brand new sportswear. Whether that’s a pair of leggings, a stylish gym top or a supportive sports bra, even buying a single item of gym clothing can give you the inspiration you need for a killer workout.

Wake up your gym kit with the unique print of this sports bralet, made with Dri-More technology

Comfy, stylish, practical sportswear is a must for the gym

And with the trend for sunny skies looking to continue, why not opt for sportswear in bright colours and patterns? Not only will the summery prints put you in a positive mood for your session, but the designs will ensure you run, stretch and squat in style.

Whether you're attending a fitness class or at the gym, these light and comfy trainers are a great option

Luckily, going for a run only requires one bit of specialist kit: a trusty pair of trainers. Essential to supporting your feet and back, spend some time finding the perfect pair of trainers to maintain your fitness regime without getting injured.

2. Pick Top Performing Trainers

While the gym has lots of equipment to help keep your workout interesting, in warmer weather it can be fun to relocate your session outside. And, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than with a run around your local park?

The padded insole in these ballet shoes helps keep your feet nice and comfortable when you're exercising

3. Step Up The Swimming

With summer holidays on the horizon, you might be thinking ahead to the moment that you have to step out in swimwear. While this can be an intimidating thought, there are a few tricks to give you an added boost of body confidence in advance.

This bikini has a leopard print pattern and can be bought together or as separates

Put your personal style stamp on your poolside look with this purple swimsuit, designed with intricate tile print

A brilliant way to beat the swimwear nerves is to take up swimming as a hobby. Not only will this allow you to get used to wearing bikinis, swimsuits and tankinis in public, but swimming is also a great low-impact sport that will let you look and feel fantastic for your trip.

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To kick start more nourishing meals, try buying a blender. The ideal way to up your veggie and fruit intake, a hand blender will let you blitz soups, pasta sauces and smoothies with ease. Plus, if you prep the night before, you’ll be less likely to indulge in impulse goodies and treats.

4. Aim For 5 A Day

From walking more to cycling and running, even a small increase in the amount of exercise you do can lead to big changes. Even so, one of the most important parts of being fit and healthy is aiming for a balanced diet.

Make nourishing and tasty smoothies with ease with a blender

5. Stick To
A Sleep Schedule

Just as eating right is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so is sleeping right. Although it can be a struggle when you’re working and caring for kids, aiming for eight hours of sleep will help you hit your exercise goals.

Update your bedding with a chunky duvet

Relaxation is a must, so make sure you have some comfy pillows

To maximise sweet dreams, make sure your room is as comfortable and soothing as possible. From updating your bedding and buying a new pillow to switching off your phone, little changes can make a huge impact when it comes to encouraging a good night’s sleep.

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