Two seats with safari miami outdoor seat cushions on patio with potted plants and hanging baskets in the background.

How To Create A Garden Getaway

Spending your downtime planning your dream holiday? Us too! After a long winter, we could all do with a relaxing break in the sunshine. We may not be waking up to the sounds of the sea or barbecuing on the beach, but there are still plenty of ways to inspire vacation vibes closer to home.

From spring cleaning your outdoor space to adding colourful garden accessories and comfy garden furniture, scroll down to create a garden getaway that will transport you to sunnier shores.

1. Start With A Spring Clean

When it comes to transforming your garden into an outdoor oasis, spring cleaning is an essential first step. You want your garden to be an organised and calming space you can escape to – not somewhere you’d rather avoid!

Begin by clearing away leaves and debris before donating or recycling ornaments, furniture and plant pots you no longer use. Once your garden is clean and clutter-free, it’ll start to feel like a soothing sanctuary from the rest of your busy schedule.

Brick wall with two black house-shaped wall planters containing pink and purple flowers.
Pink and turquoise circular hanging planters containing purple flowers.

2. Add Pops Of Colour With Garden Accessories

Bright and bold garden accessories are a quick and easy way of giving your garden a holiday makeover. From rainbow plant pots and pastel planters to garden ornaments and lanterns, there are plenty of ways to add a pop of colour without breaking the bank.

Channel the tropics with sea blue plant pots or give your patio a safari twist with terracotta planters and hanging décor. Enjoying a holiday from the comfort of your garden is simpler than you might think!

3. Make Room For Relaxing With Garden Furniture

Creating a holiday haven is all about feeling at ease in your environment. Luckily, picking the right garden furniture will give you the space you need to take full advantage of your garden or patio.

Want to feel like you’re sipping espressos on a Parisian balcony? A bistro set will give your morning coffee a stylish continental update. Searching for a laid-back set-up to practice mindfulness? Enjoy moments of stillness on a rattan garden sofa set. If you can’t get enough of family BBQs, a large patio set will ensure everyone has a space at the table.

Patio with nerja 4 piece garden sofa set and matching table topped with a glass jug, two glasses and a buddha ornament surrounded by artificial plants.
Novaro garden egg chair with cream seat cushion on patio surrounded by artificial plants and a cream buddha ornament.

4. Design A Zen Zone

We know how hard it can be to make time for yourself – especially when you’re stuck in the same space staring at the same chores! To bring a tranquil twist to your garden getaway, create a Zen zone dedicated to unwinding.

For maximum relaxation, separate your Zen zone from the rest of your garden where possible. Thankfully, you don’t need lots of space to carve out a peaceful corner. Simply surround a garden chair with plant pots for privacy before adding soothing accessories like wind chimes and comfy outdoor cushions.

5. Enjoy Ambient Evenings With Garden Lighting

Part of the fun of being on holiday is spending carefree evenings outdoors. To prep your garden for late-night BBQs and after-dinner drinks bring some glow to your space with garden lighting. From solar stake lights and jewel-toned designs to decorative garden lighting, it doesn’t take much to give your space an on-trend twinkle.

Fenced garden with a line of 4 black outdoor white LED lighthouse pillars placed on grass with an array of plants and greenery in the background.
56cm firebowl & log burner.

6. Stay Cosy With Outdoor Heating

A flickering fire is a sure sign of an adventure. Whether you want to feel like you’re huddled around a campfire or enjoying a cosy weekend away, complete your garden with an atmospheric fire pit or log burner.

Helping you make the most of your space all year-round, outdoor heating is also perfect for giving your garden some countryside charm. Just remember to check the regulations in your local area before choosing your design.

7. Complete The Glow Up With A Splash!

Nothing says ‘garden getaway’ quite like a place to splash! To make it feel like you’re soaking up the sun on a tropical island (we wish!), set up a small paddling pool to dip your toes into. It might not be the Mediterranean, but it’s the next best thing! Surrounded by little garden explorers? Keep them busy with water toys and themed pool floats while you soak up the rays.

Large garden with greenery in the background features two adults and two children smiling in swim centre family lounge pool.

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